Inside world’s most horrifying theme park ‘Hell on Earth’ – with dismembered heads, tears of blood & flesh-eating demons

Inside world’s most horrifying theme park ‘Hell on Earth’ – with dismembered heads, tears of blood & flesh-eating demons

HAW Par Villa, a disturbing theme park in Singapore, is all about hell.

The enormous attraction – where children as young as six flock on school trips – teaches visitors about sin and the many gory ways they can be punished after death.

AlamyHaw Par Villa, a bizarre theme park in Singapore that’s home to a creepy hell exhibit[/caption]

AlamyA model at the theme park shows people fighting in a village[/caption]

A figure has their heart ripped out at the Hell exhibit

A figure is chopped in half with a guillotine in the museum

AlamyA statue at the theme park – one of many depicting Chinese and Buddhist culture[/caption]

AlamyThe Hell Exhibit is part of the park – and is very popular with visitors[/caption]

The 10 Courts of Hell, its main and most creepy feature, is open to guests most days and the website reads “Hell Operating Hours”.

Almost 4,000 square metres play home to a variety of disturbing exhibits which include dismembered human bodies, tears of blood, demons who feast on flesh and people on pitchforks.

The museum has been scaring visitors for generations – once an extravagant villa, it was turned over to the Singapore government after World War Two.

The 10 Courts of Hell depict different punishments people can meet in the afterlife – and are paired with informative signs about sin based on years of Buddhist religion and culture.

Through a large concrete cave visitors can tour the different versions of the fiery pits below.

The First Court is laid out like a courtroom, with a King presiding over trials for peoples souls.

Those who have been very good walk over a golden bridge, and those who have just done more good than bad cross a silver one.

Gold leads to spiritual nirvana and silver takes the souls to a sort of lesser heaven.

For the unlucky souls who don’t make it to either – the remaining courts of Hell welcome them.

A bizarre combination of sins are included in the exhibits – ranging all the way from swearing and wasting food to murder and rape.

The Sixth court says that cheating, swearing or abducting others is paired up with the punishment of being thrown onto a tree of knives.

Misuse of books, possessing pornographic material, breaking rules and wasting food results in having the body sawn in two.

Various models depict people being sawn in two, stabbed, bleeding and weeping.

Thieves are thrown into volcanoes, prostitutes are drowned in blood and gamblers are frozen inside ice.

By the time the sinner reaches the tenth court though, they are offered a magical tea which removes any memories about the painful life and moves them onto the Wheel of Reincarnation.

The creepy park has previously been thought a good place to take young kids so they can be scared into behaving well.

Nowadays children have to be at least nine to visit the Hell exhibit.

While the rest of the theme park includes a variety of attractions besides so-called ‘Hell’, the website makes a big show of promoting it’s creepy centrepiece exhibit.

One page reads: “Good karma for those who are considerate to other hell visitors.

“Extra good karma for those who are kind to our hell employees.”

Underneath contact information it reads: “Kindly note that our hell minions will be on a short, well-deserved break this weekend after all their hard work and torture – they will respond to you in 2-3 working days!”

A bizarre list of sins and their corresponding punishments

A person’s dismembered head and body on the bench

Bodies on spikes in one of the courts of hell

Tortured topless women in the exhibit

The King resides over the first court – categorising sinners

AlamyThe park also has statues and scenes from Chinese mythology, folklore, legends, and history[/caption]

Children must be nine now to visit the creepy Hell exhibit

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