Everyone can see the rocks – but you are in the top 1% if you can spot the sneaky goat in 13 seconds

Everyone can see the rocks – but you are in the top 1% if you can spot the sneaky goat in 13 seconds

THIS mind-boggling brainteaser has even the most professional puzzlers scratching their heads in pursuit of the answer.

Everyone can see the rocks but you could be in the top one per cent if you can spot the stealthy goat in just 13 seconds.

The clock is ticking, try to spot the goat hiding in the rocks in less than 13 seconds

If you can find him then you might have a high IQ and 20/20 vision.

The picture shows a rocky, hilly landscape on a clear blue day.

But, there’s an animal somewhere on the rocks.

Have you found him yet?

Here’s a hint, the goat is to the left of the centre of the screen.

And don’t fret if you didn’t manage to find the answers as this is one of our most tricky puzzles.

This is because the goat is the same colour as the rocks and so camouflages into the backdrop.

Still no luck? Don’t worry we have included the answer below – along with some more tricky brainteasers to try.

Brainteasers are purposefully designed to trick our vision and can be used as simple determiners of intelligence.

They are widely regarded as helping improve our attention spans, concentration, and overall cognitive abilities.

While you scroll why not try some other brainteasers?

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Below you will find the answer to the goat puzzle as well as some more challenges to try.

Surprisingly, the answer to the puzzle above is one.

Jagranjosh.com advise Taking a closer look.

You will notice that the elephant has only one good leg at the back and the rest do not have feet.

The artist chopped off the feet and put the images of the feet between the actual legs.

There he is! did you find him?

Can you find the ten hidden objects in this image?

We’ve circled the location of the hidden objects above

Can you spot the missing mic in this tricky brainteaser?

Eagle-eyed viewers should be able to spot the missing object in the lower left side of the image

If that challenge was too easy for you, why not try this extra tricky one instead?

Were you able to spot the shoe in less than less than seven seconds?

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