Horror moment two devil dogs ‘rip chunks’ out of wheelchair-bound man as horrified drivers blare horns to stop them

Horror moment two devil dogs ‘rip chunks’ out of wheelchair-bound man as horrified drivers blare horns to stop them

THIS is the horrifying moment two devil dogs can be seen ripping “chunks” out of a helpless wheelchair-bound man.

The pair of beasts were filmed mauling the defenceless disabled man after knocking him out of his wheelchair and attacking him on the floor.

WPLG Local 10A pair of dogs ripped ‘chunks’ out of a disabled man in Florida[/caption]

Miami-Dade County animal servicesBoo-boo’s mouth was left stained with the blood of his victim[/caption]

WPLG Local 10Concerned neighbours tried to help the disabled man by blaring horns to scare the dogs away[/caption]

Concerned neighbours and petrified drivers tried to help stop the bloodthirsty hounds but ultimately the man was left with serious injuries.

The distressed man – who was known as Smokie – was airlifted to hospital with a bloody face and “chopped” up arms after the savage attack in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

Smokie was dragged off his wheelchair and thrown onto the path, unable to escape from underneath his collapsed wheelchair.

The two dogs then take it in turn to bite the helpless man as his wheel spins and his legs and arms get thrashed around by the dogs.

In the chilling video, stunned onlookers can be heard shouting and loudly blaring their car horns trying to distract the dogs as one even pulled up to the path in a big truck to scare them away.

One neighbour said he saw the dogs “getting chunks” off the man in the grisly scenes and felt helpless watching on.

Named Jumpety and Boo-boo, the pair of devilish dogs escaped from a back garden before committing the vicious assault.

The dogs were being looked after by a set of neighbours after their owner was recently jailed.

Photos from after the savage mauling show Boo-boo’s mouth stained with the blood of his victim.

A horrified onlooker said: “Everybody was gathering around, you know 20 or 30 people, throwing things and that worked for a while.

“But then they just kept going. Chopped man and you know his face was red.”

The footage also shows two other dogs barking wildly and jumping up and down from behind a fence as they watch the horror show unfold.

Once safely in Jackson South Medical Centre, Smokie was forced into having surgery because of the severe injuries to his arms caused by the dogs.

According to locals, Smokie is homeless but is well known across the friendly Florida neighbourhood.

His friend John Oz said: “Smokie is an excellent guy. You know he’s homeless but he’s got people that support him.

“I know that he was in a couple of surgeries to repair his arm. He’s a very good guy and it’s a shame he got bit by dogs that should never have attacked him.”

Both animals were reportedly well known to neighbours with one even labelling the brown dog Boo-boo “peaceful” normally.

Another neighbour told local10 that the black dog has a chilling past: “Jumpety, he literally can jump over the fence I was amazed and surprised by that, I think he’s very dangerous because he did attack another person before.

“He was probably attacking because he was hungry and scared.”

The two animals were seized by officers from Miami-Dade County Animal Services and taken away as the local authorities debate whether to put them down after the attack.

A spokesperson from the animal service said: “If it is determined that these dogs pose a public safety concern, the department would humanely euthanize the dogs in accordance with Chapter 5 of Miami-Dade County code.”

In the US, around 800,000 people are tragically sent to hospital with injuries relating to dog attacks, according to the American Veterinary Association.

With Pit Bulls being the breed more responsible for attacks than any other.

They are also more likely to kill their victims as they account for 28 per cent of deaths over a 20-year-period, according to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This latest dog attack comes after a 2-year-old boy was attacked by a dog who was persistent in its pursuit of the young child.

A video reveals the screams of both the child and his mother as she fights off the animal.

Chante Wright-Haywood came to the rescue of her son as she managed to drag him away from the beast.

But the dog was still chasing after them and shattered a plant pot before biting at Wright-Haywood, snagging her coffee.

WPLG Local 10Horrified onlookers tried all they could stop the dogs[/caption]

WPLG Local 10The man’s wheelchair seen left on the ground[/caption]

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