Incredible plans for lux villa resort dubbed real-life ‘Tracy Island’ that has infinity pools instead of rockets  

Incredible plans for lux villa resort dubbed real-life ‘Tracy Island’ that has infinity pools instead of rockets  

INCREDIBLE plans for a luxury villa resort with striking resemblance to “Tracy Island” have been revealed.

The lavish hotel looks like it’s straight out of the Thunderbirds show – but has infinity pools instead of rockets.

Cover ImagesThe villa resort is nestled in the woodland of Japanese island Sagishima[/caption]

Thunderbirds TVIt poses a resemblance to Tracy Island from the TV show Thunderbirds[/caption]

Cover ImagesEach luxurious house also features a personal infinity pool[/caption]

Cover ImagesThe bedrooms have panoramic windows which offer a scenic view of the ocean[/caption]

The 1960s children’s TV show Thunderbirds featured heavily camouflaged Tracy Island – the secret headquarters of the International Rescue Organisation.

The opulent villas are similar to the well-known Thunderbirds base, but there won’t be any rocket ships taking off on rescue missions.

Unlike the Tracy Island, the recent architectural project features infinity pools where you can lay back and relax.

Architecture studio BIG has released images of the grandiose trio of holiday villas nestled in the woodland of Sagishima island in Japan.

The beautiful three-rounded structures are being created in collaboration with hospitality brand Not A Hotel.

The first images of the grandiose project reveal spacious bedrooms with breathtaking views of the ocean and the mountains.

Panoramic, floor-to-ceiling windows allow the guests to enjoy the scenery of the island from the warmth of their bed.

Inside the rooms are paved flooring, hardwood ceilings, and monolithic, textured walls.

Each luxurious villa is also equipped with personal, cosy sauna and own infinity pool.

The cobbled courtyard combines futuristic architecture with greenery and offers shared seating space around a fire pit.

Arranged with courtyards in the centre and identified by sweeping tile roofs, the hotel is connected to a network of roads that wind through the terrain.

The style of the villas combines the traditional Japanese elements with modern Danish architecture.

Both distinguished by their minimalism and practicality, these architectural styles invite lots of natural light and prioritise comfort.

BIG’s founder, Bjarke Ingels, said: “Traditional Danish modern architecture is, in fact, very informed by traditional Japanese architecture.”

The outcome is a building whose elegant, curving design gently hugs the lush terrain’s natural contours while blending in with the island’s green landscape.

“It almost looks like a traditional Japanese landscape painting in a fully realised form,” said Ingels.

The details of the project are not fully released yet but the images give a glimpse into what it may look like when finished.

“‘So far, the collaboration has been incredible, and I look forward to spending my first night in the results of our collaboration,” Ingels said.

Cover ImagesEach villa comes with its own cosy sauna[/caption]

Cover ImagesThe cobbled courtyard offers a shared seating space around the fire pit[/caption]

Cover ImagesThe architecture is a combination of Traditional Japanese and Danish styles[/caption]

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