I’ve left my entire £1million fortune to my beloved pets and NOT to my kids – they mean more to me than my family

I’ve left my entire £1million fortune to my beloved pets and NOT to my kids – they mean more to me than my family

A PET mum decided to give her entire £1million fortune to her cats and dogs, leaving nothing to her own children.

Mrs Liu, from Shanghai, said she changed her mind about the inheritance after her family didn’t visit or care for her when she was ill.

GettyA pet mum in China has decided to give her entire £1million fortune to her cats and dogs instead of her children[/caption]

Meanwhile her animals were the ones always there for her, she said.

Mrs Liu has changed her will since then and insisted all her money must be used to care for her cats and dogs after she dies.

She made the bold decision after claiming that her children never visited her or arranged for her to be taken care of despite getting sick.

An annoyed Mrs Liu complained that her children hardly ever spoke to her and that they had now lost the opportunity to get a hold of her riches.

However despite the nice gesture, Chinese law doesn’t allow people to leave any possessions directly to their pets.

But not to be deterred, Mrs Liu found a lawyer and managed to find a clever way around the issue.

Her will is now headed by a veterinary clinic as she made them the administrator of her wealth – meaning they are now trusted to use the money she’s left behind in assets to look after her pets.

Lucky pets and their generous owners

MANY pet owners will do anything and everything to keep their beloved animals happy – even if it comes at a huge price.

One of these spoilt pets is a pampered pooch known as Mayor Max III.

Max is the current mayor of Idyllwild, California and his owner told The Sun that she spends over £120,000 on him each year to keep him as the town’s top dog.

Overall Phyllis Mueller thinks she has spent close to £1million on her adored golden retriever.

Another proud dog mum is Giseli Campos who says she owns the world’s biggest poodle — a 5ft tall pooch who weighs as much as a 12-year-old boy.

Bredy is the giant version of the Standard Poodle breed, and was adopted when still a tiny puppy in Chapeco.

Since then she has gone on to become an internet superstar and is one of Instagram favourite four-legged creatures all because of her mum’s love for showing her off online.

And who can blame the rich and famous for spoiling their animals once in a while.

F1 icon Lewis Hamilton is regularly seen with his dig Roscoe and dressing him in the latest gear.

Even last year Lewis threw the bulldog a lavish birthday party for him and his doggy pals.

Roscoe got his very own birthday crown and feather boa as well as a personalised vegan cake as he turned 11.

His pals all joined in as they wore multi-coloured party hats and all posed for photograph.

Chen Kai, an official from China’s Will Registration Centre headquarters in Beijing, told the South China Morning Post that Liu’s current will could stir up some legal battles in the future.

According to Kai, her assets are now at risk as the clinic are not obliged to follow her request of spending the money on the pets.

As the sole party responsible for where the money ends up the clinic will hold a lot of wealth that can’t be contested when Mrs Liu passes.

The registration centre said they have instructed her to put a person she fully trusts in charge of supervising the veterinary clinic to make sure they manage the inheritance correctly.

Kai said: “Liu’s current will is one way, and we would have advised her to appoint a person she trusts to supervise the vet clinic to ensure the pets are properly cared for.”

The elderly woman’s story is a huge deal in China and not just because of the will pandemonium.

The Asian country views disrespect towards your elders as a serious ethical and potentially legal nightmare.

Known as filial piety, children who neglect their parents as they grow old can actually get in serious trouble with the law if the parents decide to take their children to court.

Recently, a dentist was ordered to pay almost £800,000 to his mother after the pair agreed that the son would pay her back a percentage of his future earnings and he refused.

Dubbed an “upbringing fee” in court the choice was a stark reminder to always respect your elders.

AlamyThe lady decided that her pets were more deserving of the cash than her children[/caption]

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