Dramatic moment Israeli special ops disguised as medics kill 3 Hamas terrorists after infiltrating hospital terror base

Dramatic moment Israeli special ops disguised as medics kill 3 Hamas terrorists after infiltrating hospital terror base

THIS is the dramatic moment Israeli special operations agents disguised as medics killed a terror chief and two of his cronies.

The armed team dressed up as doctors and nurses to infiltrate the Hamas terror base inside a hospital before using weapons fitted with silencers to “neutralise” the targets.

Israeli special ops disguised themselves as medics to infiltrate a hospital and kill a Hamas terror chief and two others

EPAThe three Hamas terrorists killed in the Israeli raid being stored in the hospital[/caption]

The formidable and clever team was led by an assassin in a white coat and facemask as another sat in a wheelchair.

Footage showed the team, including women, disguised as nurses securing a corridor with assault rifles as the “Dr Death” hit team burst into the hideout.

As others follow wearing fake beards and dressed as Muslim women so they can go undetected through the Ibn Sina hospital at Jenin in Israel’s West Bank.

Israeli Defence Force commanders said the three Hamas terrorists were “neutralised” early on Tuesday in the lightning raid which took just 10 minutes.

Sources later confirmed the mission – mirroring a scene from hit Israeli war drama Fauda – was the work of Israel’s shadowy “Mista’arvim” (ckd) special operations unit.

The undercover team moved in after receiving intelligence that three Hamas commanders were hiding in a “safe house” on the third floor of Ibn Sina Hospital.

IDF sources said the speed and stealth of the mission meant pals of the terror targets were clueless they were under attack until the savaged bodies were found.

All were said to have been executed with silenced pistols between 5.30 and 5.40am “to avoid commotion and responses”.

A source said: “The quick in-and-out strategy employed in this operation was about thwarting the immediate threat and also to send a message to terrorist organisations and operatives.

“The terrorists were caught off guard and eliminated before they had a chance to respond.

“We want them to know what we are capable of.”

Terrorists killed included Muhammad Jalamneh, a leader and spokesman for the Al-Qassam Brigades in Jenin.

Jalamneh, 27, was wanted for supplying weapons and ammunition and was said to be plotting more atrocities, including a raid inspired by the October 7 massacre. 

He was known to be in contact with Hamas chiefs abroad and had previously been wounded trying to launch a car bomb attack.

Terrorist brothers Muhammad and Basil Ghazawi were named as the men executed alongside Jalamneh. 

Muhammad was active in the Jenin brigades and wanted for terrorist operations including sniper attacks on IDF soldiers.

Basil was a known Islamic Jihad activist involved in terrorist activities.

The trio were said to have been using patients and staff at Ibn Sina Hospital to shield their activities as they plotted more mayhem.

The cloak and dagger hospital raid was planned jointly by the IDF, Israel’s Shin Bet intelligence service and counterterrorism police units.

An IDF spokesman said: “This is another example of the cynical use of civilian areas and hospitals as shelters and human shields by terrorist organisations.”

This comes after Hamas sent a chilling warning to the families of those still held hostage saying they will all be killed if Israel continues bombing Gaza.

The group’s armed terror wing Al-Qassam Brigades issued the threat in a sickening mocked-up image of a breaking news story on their Telegram feed on Saturday.

The horror threat came on the 112th day of the Israel-Hamas war following the October 7 attacks by the Palestinian terror group.

Having stormed the Israeli border and massacred more than 1,000 people, a further 240 were taken captive by militants more than three months ago.

And despite 105 of those being released during a short-lived ceasefire last year in exchange for Palestinian prisoners, it’s thought more than 100 are still alive and being held.

Some hostages are believed to have been killed, although Hamas has blamed Israel for those deaths.

And with their continued bombing in Gaza, Hamas has warned that the remaining hostages will also die as a result of ongoing strikes from across the border.

The terror group had already announced that there is “no chance” of releasing the remaining hostages following Netanyahu’s latest rejection of another ceasefire deal.

The Israeli PM turned down the conditions presented by Hamas that would include Israel’s complete withdrawal and leaving the terror group in power in Gaza.

Nonetheless, Hamas’ latest threat comes after the Foreign Office announced it would halt future funding of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) – a critical source of support for people in Gaza.

The aid agency has come under fire from Israel who claim some of its employees were involved in the October 7 attacks.

Alongside the US, Australia and Canada, the UK has also paused its funding.

Who are Hamas?

HAMAS is an Islamist militant group founded in 1987 during the first Palestinian Intifada or uprising against Israel.

The terror organisation is a Palestinian militant movement that also serves as one of the territories’ two major political parties.

Over the years, Hamas has carried out shooting, bombing, and rocket attacks in Israel and the two region’s armies have fought in Gaza in multiple cross-border since the group seized control of Gaza in 2007.

But the group drew worldwide attention when they commited a set of horror attacks on October 7, 2023.

They launched surprise land, air, and sea attacks on Israel, killing over hundreds of Israelis and leaving thousands more injured.

Since then the brutal warfare has continued and thousands have died on both sides of the fighting.

Hamas as a whole, or in some cases its military wing, is designated a terrorist group by Israel, the US, the EU, and the UK, as well as other powers.

AFPThe blood-stained bed and pillow of where a Hamas thug was killed[/caption]

AFPA medic stands outside the door of a ward at the Ibn Sina hospital in Jenin[/caption]

EPAThe lost shoes after the Israeli special ops infiltrated the hospital in the West Bank[/caption]

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