I had a nap and woke up on an alien spaceship – I spent 92 days there but it was only 18mins on Earth

I had a nap and woke up on an alien spaceship – I spent 92 days there but it was only 18mins on Earth

A FORMER US soldier has claimed he spent three months on an extraterrestrial spaceship after meeting two aliens 60-years-ago.

Alex Collier, who served in the military as a helicopter pilot, revealed that although he was with aliens for 92 days it was only actually 18 minutes down on Earth.

Alex Collier claims he spent 92 days with aliens

The man has spoken about his experiences with extraterrestrial life since he was taken away

Alex said he had been in contact with aliens since he was a kid when he first encountered two back in 1964 after he accidentally fell asleep while playing hide-and-seek outside of his grandfather’s home in a field.

When he woke up, he was shocked to see he had been transformed into a different world as the two aliens stared at him as his eyes adjusted.

Alex claims he woke up in a dark, warm room laid flat on a table and fully clothed.

He saw a “very short man who was obviously very old and a very tall man who was very young, with blue skin and 7ft tall”.

According to his bold claims, Alex had previously known the alien creatures in a previous lifetime because over 62,000-years-ago he was killed after fighting alongside the aliens.

But after being returned to Earth Alex continued to live a normal life until he came face-to-face with the beings once again.

So, when he was offered a chance to visit an alien spaceship over 20 years later he jumped at the opportunity.

The mothership he hopped onboard in 1989 belonged to the Andromedians – an apparent breed of aliens who are thought to be ancestors of the human race.

During a talk in Japan back in 2007, Alex explained: “I had the privilege in 1989 of spending three months – 92 days to be exact – living with the Andromedians on one of their motherships.

“In Earth time, from the moment that I left and they brought me back, I was only been gone 18 minutes – time travel is a great thing.”

Alex claimed the out-of-this-world spaceship was made up of a self-contained world inside with everything needed to survive on board but that one day up there was the equivalent to 31 days on Earth.

The alien aircraft was 900miles wide and had 24 levels with a massive park in between that could create its own sunrise and sunsets using extensive hologram technology, according to what Alex can recollect.

I had an opportunity to learn about their society and observe their society because many of them were able to observe me and listen to my thoughts

Alex Collierformer military helicopter pilot

He continued: “In those three months, I had an opportunity to learn about their society and observe their society, and I was also a bit like the fish in the fishbowl because many of them were able to observe me and listen to my thoughts.

“They, at the time, were teaching their children on the craft about our world.”

The self-proclaimed expert in alien life went on to explain the mad science involved in building a space craft that can fly across the world’s extensive universes.

He said: “The physical ship on the outside is 900 miles, and that has to deal with the physical laws of the dimension it is in. The inside deals with different physical laws.

“The minute you cross that threshold, you are in a different dimension and your physicality has to go through changes.”

“They gave me a belt that I had to wear that held my atoms, molecules and cells together and it formed a cocoon around me. It helped me to exist in their dimension. I could touch them and they could touch me.”

Alex described that inside the spaceship he felt physically lighter, taller and full of energy.

But because of the wacky time differences up in space he kept taking loads of naps throughout the extremely long days.

He also claims that he was being forced to leave the aliens despite pleading and crying to stay on the ship forever.

Despite Alex having lived a fascinating life if everything he says is true others have had similar chilling experiences with aliens.

Recently magician Uri Geller claimed he was shown “alien bodies” which were small and thin with big heads – but looked uncannily “like us”.

The 77-year-old, who claims to have originated spoon-bending, said he was taken to the bodies by a Nasa engineer and an astronaut.

US officials indicated in the past year that there is something in the skies, with suggestions they now consider aliens a threat to national security worth discussing even at the highest levels of government.

Nasa released a groundbreaking UFO report in September which looked at how data about unidentified anomalous phenomena, or UAPs, is collected across the US government and private sectors.

In July, a new office in the Pentagon, founded to allow servicemen the ability to report UAPs without fear of retaliation, revealed nearly half of the sightings reported were strange and required further investigation.

Eerie film footage supposedly showing a dead alien that had been discovered following the Roswell UFO crash in 1947 fooled the world for a decade before Spyros Melaris revealed in 2018 that it was faked.

Even a CIA scientist thought the fake alien autopsy was real, a bizarre leaked memo revealed.

Alex claims he was with aliens for over three monthsGetty

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