I’m buying my house on AMAZON with a full bathroom & kitchen – but ‘surprise surprise’ a delivery issue is holding it up

I’m buying my house on AMAZON with a full bathroom & kitchen – but ‘surprise surprise’ a delivery issue is holding it up

A MAN who went viral for revealing how he bought his house for next-to-nothing on Amazon has had his short-lived dream ripped out from under him.

TikTok user @gilgra2024, otherwise known as Graim Solutions, first shot to fame after revealing he bought a house for just $30,000 (£23,550) on Amazon.

TikTok/@gilgra2024A TikTok user shot to fame after revealing how he bought a home for $30k[/caption]

TikTok/@gilgra2024He told his viewers that the tiny homes came complete with a bathroom, kitchen, and ample living space[/caption]

TikTok/@gilgra2024He also praised the Amazon homes for their luxurious design[/caption]

He explained to his viewers that he hoped to build several of these homes on 13-acres of land that he owned, and rent them out at $750 to $800 (£588-628) a month.

Graim said his dream was to eventually build a tiny home community that could bring him some residual income on a monthly basis.

After scouring the web for the best tiny home deals, he said he was told to go to Amazon – where he was surprised to find the homes at a bargain price.

And, unlike any tiny homes he had seen anywhere else, these houses supposedly came complete with a bathroom, kitchen

Graim told his viewers: “So we checked Amazon and it literally was a better deal all around and we’re gonna get it for…we’re gonna get it within the week.

“Literally within the week this is gonna be delivered somebody must be present to sign.”

Yet, Graim’s dreams were quickly nipped in the bud after a delivery problem kept persisting.

After his TikTok fanbase started commenting on his page asking for updates, he was forced to respond – saying that Amazon had emailed him claiming that there had been a fraudulent purchase on his account.

The TikTok user claimed that Amazon charged his American Express card five times, before emailing him to say that he needed to change his email address and password.

Graim added: “Amazon charged my card five times, reimbursed it five times, and then charged it two more times. So a total of seven charges.

“Now all of the charges have been reimbursed but they still won’t let me purchase it.

“I tried to purchase it two more times back to back but they won’t let me. It just won’t go through.”

Graim said that his purchase attempts always go through to a page that confirms the order, as well as a delivery date, but that it never seems to be processed properly.

He said that he’s tried to purchase it so many times now that the online retailer suspects fraud and have locked his account.

He went on to say he’s heard of people buying the tiny homes of AliBaba – but said that if Amazon can’t get hold of it, he’s not going to trust the Chinese equivalent.

The TikTok entrepreneur has since said that until he figures out how to get around the ordering issues he’s currently facing, he has been forced to go back to the drawing board.

However, Graim is hardly the first person to have taken to the internet hoping to buy a tiny home.

As the housing crisis has taken the UK by storm, some Brits have been buying tiny houses from eBay for as little as £2,000.

One budget home has been made available at just £2,275, around 0.7% of the average price of a flat in the UK.

While other savvy Brits have taken to making their own tiny homes.

One woman purchased a shed and completely renovated it into a super stylish home – complete with wooden floorboards, a living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

TikTok/@gilgra2024In his latest TikTok video, Graims has revealed that his plan backfired and his tiny home plan has not worked out[/caption]

This tiny house is on eBay at an incredible price of just £2,275eBay

TikTok/@happy.homesteadOther TikTok users have converted sheds into their own tiny homes[/caption]

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