Incredible plans for Boeing 727 to be transformed into plane NIGHTCLUB with ultra-powerful strobes & two dance floors

Incredible plans for Boeing 727 to be transformed into plane NIGHTCLUB with ultra-powerful strobes & two dance floors

A BRAZILIAN aircraft is set to undergo an unprecedented transformation into a nightclub.

The body of the 160ft Boeing 727 will have a dance floor fit for 300 people, complete with a deck, bar, and extra dancing points along both wings.

A Boeing 727 is set to be transformed into a nightclub

The project is expected to be completed in June 2024

The bulk of the plane scraps have now made it to the site for work to be carried out

The creators of the project have also envisioned a second dance floor in the space underneath the belly of the aircraft, which would be able to fit two thousand dancers.

Fabiano Tamburus, who designed the lighting project, has included LED strips that are “eight times stronger than standards ones”.

The movement of the lights also vary significantly more than ordinary nightclub lights, and will be situated around the entirety of the plane’s interior and exterior.

According to the businessman and DJ Renato Ratier, who was responsible for the acquisition, a project of this kind is absolutely unprecedented.

He said: “The biggest difference is the experience that the person will have, this freedom of being able to dance at a very high height, because this construction will be on top of a hill.”

The plane project is set to be built overlooking the complex and skyscrapers in an entertainment complex in Camboriú , on the North Coast of Santa Catarina, Brazil.

According to the creators of the project, special authorisation was needed to begin the process.

First, they needed to get the correct permissions to begin moving the carcass of the plane from the warehouse in Afonso Pena International Airport, in São José dos Pinhais.

Yet, it has hardly been smooth sailing since this.

On January 23, the vehicle carrying the scrap plane was detained in Paraná due to pending transportation problems.

The massive carcass caught the attention of drivers in the area and images of the plane began circulating on social media.

The body of the plane was released a whopping five days later, on January 28, but the cargo has finally arrived in Camboriú.

Renato Ratier has also confirmed that the aircraft’s wings will be transported separately, on another trip in the oncoming days.

His plane project, dubbed Jet Set, is expected to open in June.

Although Ratier’s plane-turned-nightclub certainly is a world-first, he’s not the first person to have envisioned the world of travel as the perfect partying hub.

Just last year, the then defunct Tegel Airport in Berlin was transformed into a huge nightclub that has hosted festivals.

Time Out listed the space at 13th in their 24 best things to do in the world in 2024, adding that big things were being planned at the former airport.

The magazine wrote: “The building, famous for its striking brutalist architecture, can host up to 700 people.

“According to the nightclub’s Instagram, the space is ‘planning big things for the open air season next year’. Grab your grungiest, stompiest dancing shoes.”

The lighting will consist of LED strips that are eight time stronger than normal ones

The upper dancefloor, in the body of the plane, can contain 300 people

The wings are also being redesigned as extra dancing spaces

The lower dance floor, under the belly of the plane, can fit up to 2,000 people

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