Haunting pictures show inside abandoned insane asylum with Satanic symbols and ‘Lucifer’ smeared on wall ‘in blood’

Haunting pictures show inside abandoned insane asylum with Satanic symbols and ‘Lucifer’ smeared on wall ‘in blood’

THESE are the haunting images from inside an abandoned insane asylum full of Satanic symbols and messages smeared on walls “in blood”.

The chilling discovery was made by an urban explorer called Dave, known as Freaktography online, as he trekked across Hamilton, Ontario in Canada.

Jam Press/FreaktographyThe abandoned Hamilton Asylum for the Insane in Hamilton, Ontario in Canada[/caption]

Jam Press Vid/FreaktographySatanic symbols were found throughout the building[/caption]

Jam Press Vid/FreaktographyLucifer was also written on the walls in what is believed to be blood[/caption]

After stumbling upon The Hamilton Asylum for the Insane, it didn’t take long before he realised what he’d got himself into.

The haunting century manor, built in 1884, was formerly home to “inebriates” and alcoholics, before later becoming a home for the mentally disturbed.

Sharing his find on YouTube, which quickly amassed over 11,000 views, he discovered what looked like blood on the walls while exploring the building.

“Century Manor is apparently one of the most haunted sites in Canada,” Dave, from Ontario, told WhatsTheJam.

“It was part of a very large psychiatric hospital up on the mountain and they demolished the entire psychiatric hospital except for one building.

“It was in very rough shape – lots of decay, lots of peeling paint, the ceiling was crumbling, and there was all kinds of c**p thrown all over the place.”

Hamilton Asylum opened in 1876, accepting 202 patients through its doors.

One of the structures on the site, known as the Barton Building, began treatment in 1876 and was run by Dr R. Bucke, renowned for his humane treatment of the mentally ill.

He said: “It was largely self-sufficient with the farm providing necessary food.

“Cattle, chickens, and pigs as well as fruits and vegetables all came from the farm.

“It had its own bakery, butcher’s shop, greenhouse, root cellar, milk-processing house, tailor’s shop, sewing room, upholstery shop, fire hall, powerhouse, a fleet of vehicles, skating and curling rinks, a bowling green, tennis courts, and chapel.”

In 1929 it was renamed the Ontario Hospital, before receiving a new name again in 1968 to The Hamilton Psychiatric Hospital.

Established as a training school in 1924, over 240 nurses graduated from the facility before it closed.

The asylum finally closed its doors in 1995, briefly becoming a museum before much of the original structure was abandoned and partially demolished.

Walking through the building, Dave discovered a satanic pentagram, drawn in a red shade, surrounded by burnt-out candles.

Travelling into the “Satan room” he discovered the words “Praise Him”, “Lucifer”, and an upside-down cross drawn on the walls.

The word “Redrum” was also stained on the wall, a reference to the 1980 horror film The Shining.

As he walked out of the room and down the stairs, he also encountered the word “Die”, commenting “someone doesn’t want us here”.

After posting the video, Dave received hundreds of comments from his viewers.

One person wrote: “I live in the UK and have always wanted to visit this place. This is where my Great Grandparents worked as housekeepers and eventually where my grandmother was born.

“Thank you for a small glimpse into my family’s history.”

Another added: “Creepy place. Never praise him. Revoke him. It’s your channel you do what you want. You don’t talk too much.”

A third said: “Looks like a face on the wall. I could be wrong but little creepy.”

A fourth commented: “I was there in 2017 definitely a creepy place, a lot more of a mess since the time I was in there.”

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World’s creepiest abandoned places

The Hamilton Asylum for the Insane isn’t the only terrifying abandoned structure stumbled upon by daring explorers.

Nagoro village, Japan

The isolated village of Nagoro on the island of Shikoku might just be one of the creepiest places on Earth.

Having been on the cusp of abandonment for years, one lone woman took it upon herself to repopulate it with 350 life-size dolls – handmade to represent the village of Nagoro’s former residents.

They now outnumber the human population of Nagoro – which stands at just 30 – by ten to one.

L’Aquatic Paradis water park, Spain

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San Salvatore Morgue, Italy

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The remains of San Salvatore Morgue were captured by Video journalist, Lost Ireland, whose shocking photos revealed a hair-raising past.

Jam Press Vid/FreaktographyUrban explorer Dave, known as Freaktography online, made the chilling discovery[/caption]

Jam Press/FreaktographyThe word ‘Redrum’ was also stained on the walls, a reference to the 1980 horror film The Shining[/caption]

Jam Press Vid/FreaktographyDave also discovered an upside-down cross drawn on the walls of the ‘Satan room’[/caption]

Jam Press Vid/FreaktographyThe words ‘praise him’ had also been etched into the interior of the mental asylum[/caption]

Jam Press Vid/FreaktographyCreepy hallways with peeling walls and crumbling ceilings littered the building[/caption]

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