Moment rampaging elephant charges idiot tourists who ‘tried to take selfies with it’ & nearly TRAMPLES one to death

Moment rampaging elephant charges idiot tourists who ‘tried to take selfies with it’ & nearly TRAMPLES one to death

THIS is the terrifying moment a charging elephant chased tourists and nearly trampled one of them to death.

Two men left their car to snap selfies with the jumbo behind them as it was ambling along a national highway in India.

Two tourists ran from a rampaging elephant after trying to take selfies with itViralPress

The elephant nearly trampled the man to death as he lied on the groundViralPress

The huge creature then turns around and heads back into the wildViralPress

But as they approached, the elephant suddenly went berserk and rushed towards them.

Footage filmed from a vehicle ahead showed the nail-biting chase as the pair was struggling to stay ahead of the wild animal.

A red car was seen speeding alongside both tourists, before one of them tripped and fell to the side of the road.

He was almost trampled to death as the elephant suddenly stopped and turned to him as he lied on the ground.

To the man’s luck, the huge creature ended up turning around and heading back to the wild.

It comes after another rampaging elephant trampled a man to death after locals pelted it with stones.

Disturbing footage showed the mother attempting to help her sick baby to its feet shortly after birth in Ajnashuli, West Bengal.

But the calf was to weak to get to its feet and the incident took a sinister turn when villagers began throwing stones at the pair, reports VN Express.

The mother beast went berserk and charged at the locals killing Shailen Mahato, 27, it was reported.

According to reports the elephant had tried to warn villagers who gathered around filming on smartphones by stamping her feet.

The mother reportedly gave birth to the weak baby near a dry lake and had been trying to move it into a nearby forest before the attack.

In Eastern India, a pensioner was trampled to death by an enraged elephant before the animal returned to drag her away from a funeral pyre and maul her corpse.

Maya Murmu, 70, was collecting water in the village of Raipal when an escaped elephant unleashed its anger on her.

The huge creature stamped on her and she was rushed to hospital, but died from her catastrophic injuries.

But in a cruel twist, the raging elephant returned and pulled her body off from on top her funeral pyre.

It once again trampled her body, threw her around and savaged her corpse before leaving the scene, reports Press Trust of India.

In Thailand, a wild elephant trampled to a monk after charging at him while he was walking back to his temple.

Horror CCTV footage showed Jaron Suksing, 66, looking around only to see the crazed male elephant charging at him.

The monk desperately tried to get away but only got a few yards before being caught.

He is then gored by the elephant’s 20in long ivory tusks then trampled as he lay on the ground screaming for help.

It comes after an elephant went on a rampage at a wedding after it got spooked by firecrackers.

Shock footage showed the massive elephant flipping cars and trashing the venue after it got startled by the noise.

Meanwhile, panicked guests could be seen fleeing the scene.

Six ways to respect wildlife

Disruptive tourists can lead to stress, altered behaviours, and habitat disturbance for wildlife.

In extreme cases, it may even lead to aggressive behaviour from animals.

Overall, these effects can negatively impact the well-being and survival of the wildlife involved.

The US National Park Service outlined six ways to respect wildlife whilst still admiring its beauty:

1) Keep your hands to yourself: Leave the creatures as you find them, so step carefully and just observe, don’t touch them.

2) Stay back if animals sense fear: If an animal starts to stare, fidget or flee, calmly back away and give them more space.

3) Pick up and carry your rubbish: Always carry your rubbish to the nearest bin. Experts at the US National Park Service also recommend picking up any litter you encounter. If bins are overflowing, take your trash home.

4) Enjoy the view from afar: Keep your distance and use your zoom lens or binoculars if you want that close-up view.

5) Keep your snacks to yourself: Do not share your food with wildlife animals. Feeding them human food can cause health issues, disrupt natural foraging, and create dependency.

6) Keep pets on a leash and children close: Leashing your dog protects your pet and wildlife too. Also teach your little ones to stay back, and to look, not touch.

Footage showed the moment one of them tripped and fell to the side of the roadViralPress

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