Woman-hating cannibal dubbed Raincoat Killer who feasted on victims’ livers was only caught after making phone blunder

Woman-hating cannibal dubbed Raincoat Killer who feasted on victims’ livers was only caught after making phone blunder

A RELENTLESS serial killer dubbed the Raincoat Killer feasted on his victims’ livers after bludgeoning them to death.

The chilling set of murders was only uncovered after the psycho woman-hater was caught making a huge mistake over the phone.

AFPYoo Young-Chul wearing his infamous yellow raincoat and a face mask being arrested by cops in South Korea[/caption]

YouTubeYoo made a custom hammer that perfectly moulded to his grip – it would go on to be the murder weapon in almost all of his grisly murders[/caption]

AFPYoo showed cops exactly where he buried the mutilated bodies of his victims[/caption]

Yoo Young-Chul terrorised the women and wealthy members of Seoul, South Korea across his horrifying year-long murder spree.

Yoo handpicked sex workers to attack and kill in brutal executions as he took his anger out on women after he was dumped and divorced by former lovers.

The deadliest serial killer in South Korean history would reportedly mutilate his victims’ bodies after using a hammer he made moulded perfectly for his grip and bludgeoned them to death in his bathroom.

Using axes, knives and even scissors, Yoo cut his victims into several smaller pieces and even feasted on their livers to supposedly “cleanse his spirit”.

Several of the bodies had their fingertips torn off when they were found so they couldn’t be identified.

Yoo stuffed their sliced up remains into binbags and buried them under piles of dirt near a mountain.

The murderous cannibal started his path of devastation in 2003, when he murdered his first victims, Lee Deok-su, a 72-year-old university professor and his 68-year-old wife, Lee Eun-ok.

His thirst for kills then ramped up over the following months as he killed another five people from rich families and one of their housekeepers.

After these first targeted murders that shook South Korea and left cops frantically trying to piece together the case, Yoo started his rampage against women.

Overall, Yoo admitted to killing 26 people after he was caught and arrested – leading the cops to the mutilated bodies he buried.

The Raincoat Killer’s victims

OVERALL, 20 bodies were recovered and identified by cops out of the 26 people Yoo Young-Chul admitted to killing.

Lee Deok-su, 72 – Bludgeoned with a hammer and stabbed

Lee Eun-ok, 67 – Bludgeoned with a hammer

Kang Eun-sun, 85 – Bludgeoned with a hammer

Lee Sook-jin, 60 – Bludgeoned with a hammer

Go Jin-soo, 35 – Bludgeoned with a hammer

Yoo Joon-hee, 60 – Bludgeoned with a hammer

Kim Jong-seok, 87 – Bludgeoned with a hammer

Bae Ji-hye, 53 – Bludgeoned with a hammer

Chung Young-dae, 47 – Burned alive inside his van

Kwon Jin-hee, 23 – Choked to death

Ahn Jae-sun, 44 – Stabbed to death

Kim Hee-sun, 25 – Bludgeoned with a hammer

Shin Min-a, 33 – Bludgeoned with a hammer

Han Sook-ja, 35 – Bludgeoned with a hammer

Jang Kwang, 26 – Bludgeoned with a hammer

Kim Ji-ho, 27 – Bludgeoned with a hammer

Woo Koo-yeon, 28 – Bludgeoned with a hammer

Kim Mi-young, 26 – Bludgeoned with a hammer

Go Sun-hee, 24 – Bludgeoned with a hammer

Im Mi-yeon, 27 – Bludgeoned with a hammer

This revelation of each victim – many of which were missing organs and chunks of flesh – led to the eerie nickname of the Raincoat Killer being handed down to Yoo as he wore a sinister yellow raincoat during the horror search.

According to the Korean Herald, Yoo once claimed he did what he did because: “Women should not be s***s, and the rich should know what they have done.”

The cops are still scrambling to this day to see if the number of his victims extend way past what was said after a string of unsolved murders from the same time period still looms large.

How was Yoo caught?

The notorious killer escaped police for months despite an intense search for any clues to pin him down.

But it wasn’t the cops that finally caught him and instead the owner of a South Korean massage parlour.

Yoo made one small mistake during his murderous tenure when he stole the phone of a young girl he brutally killed and used it to make a phone call.

The serial killer and cannibal had a nasty past of picking off employees at the local massage parlour – meaning the boss was already on high alert over the safety of his female staff.

So when the owner saw the phone number ringing him up one day and instantly recognised it as his missing employees he took a swift course of action to catch the killer terrorising his shop and the whole city.

The owner set up a meeting place between himself and Yoo at a motel and when the daunting man turned up the remaining employees took him down and called the relieved police.

I had no intention of stopping the killing

Yoo Young-Chulconvicted serial killer

But Yoo managed to escape by faking an epileptic fit before he was slammed inside a cell and kicked off a 12-hour manhunt before he was recaught.

After admitting to his chilling range of kills, Yoo was quickly sentenced to death by hanging and was put on death row.

But the 53-year-old is still sitting in his jail cell each day, forced to live with his deathly decisions as South Korea hasn’t executed a person since 1997.

Yoo said at his trial in September 2004: “The media keeps saying that I’ve murdered so many people, but to me it was only a mere start.

“I had no intention of stopping the killing.”

Yoo’s chilling past

After his arrest and subsequent confessions it was revealed that Yoo’s hate for the rich spawned from his upbringing in the poor, rural area in Gochang County.

The prosecutors at his trial described his childhood as developing “hostility against the rich”.

Yoo was already on the minds on cops in South Korea’s capital city from his time as a low-level criminal when he was younger.

He was convicted of theft in 1988 and 1991 before being arrested and charged for burglary two years later.

His crimes stepped up in 1998, when Yoo was caught up in robbery, forgery and identity theft charges before he was finally sent to prison in 2000, for raping a 15-year-old girl.

During his time behind bars, Yoo started reading up on Korean killer Jeong Du-yeong – a serial killer with a very similar sinister mind as the Raincoat Killer.

His wife – who worked in a massage parlour herself – filed for divorce when he was in prison and this sparked his hatred towards woman.

The terrifying tale of the Raincoat Killer’s violent murder spree made waves across the world and it was turned into a three-part docu-series on Netflix in 2021 called The Raincoat Killer: Chasing a Predator in Korea.

AFPYoo became notorious across Korea for his string of chilling murders[/caption]

YouTubeYoo believed to be walking away from a house he had killed someone in – it was the only time the Raincoat Killer was seen by cops for almost a year[/caption]

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