‘People scoff but money is great’, admits lottery winner who scooped £21million – and splashed cash on lucrative hobby

‘People scoff but money is great’, admits lottery winner who scooped £21million – and splashed cash on lucrative hobby

A SAVVY man scooped a whopping £21million lotto prize and decided to splash the cash in a way he can get some more back.

Cliff Little became a millionaire overnight and quit his job the day after bagging the entire Powerball Jackpot in Australia.

NineCliff Little scooped £21million after winning the entire Powerball Jackpot[/caption]

9 newsThe Aussie dad from North Queensland splashed his cash in a Toyota sports car and properties for his children[/caption]

NineBut the savvy lotto winner also made thousands more with his racehorse Cifrado[/caption]

The dad was quick to splurge his win with a flashy Toyota Supra sports car, properties for his children, and racehorses.

But being a racehorse owner has apparently been proving to be a successful venture.

Cliff explained: “People might scoff at this, but the money is great. It’s only secondary importance when you see the cups.”

“Lotto is a game of chance, as we all know, but winning a Group One with the trainer training the horse and the jockey primed to go with it, that’s the excitement, the tactics in it and things like that.”

Cliff owns a two-year-old racehorse named Cifrado, that reportedly earned the lotto winner a staggering £471,000 in prize money by by last summer.

But despite hitting a second jackpot with the racehorse, he isn’t too concerned with the glamour and glory of horse racing, preferring to watch Cifrado from his couch with a cool drink.

He never met the horse’s trainer, Rex Lipp, either.

He told Racenet: “I had always liked racing, but I remember sitting down after I won the lotto thinking ‘what else can I spend my money on?’”

Cliff, from North Queensland, scooped the lotto fortune back in 2019.

He told 9News at the time: “When I see them come up – 1, 2, 3, 12, 20 – I said ‘Oof! I’m getting more than my money back’.”

“The guy rang up, I said: ‘Who the hell are you?’ … he was from Lotto, and he confirmed it. I couldn’t go back to sleep.”

Upon receiving the phone call, Little said: “I thought I would check my ticket before bed. I was quite calm. I knew I had some of the numbers and thought I might have won division six.

“Then I had another look and thought ‘no, you b******s are wrong!’ I had a look again. Then I went and had a shower.”

9NewsDespite making money with the horse, Cliff prefers to watch his races from home[/caption]

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