Controversial Miss Japan Karolina Shiino who won despite ‘being Ukrainian’ made to give up title after affair uncovered

Controversial Miss Japan Karolina Shiino who won despite ‘being Ukrainian’ made to give up title after affair uncovered

A CONTROVERSIAL Miss Japan winner of Ukrainian origin has been forced to give up the coveted title after her scandalous affair was revealed.

Karolina Shiino was crowned Miss Japan on January 22 but she soon returned the award after a magazine published a bombshell report about her relationship with a married man.

Karolina Shiino posing with her trophy at the contest in TokyoReuters

Shiino, standing in the middle wearing the crown, is the only naturalised Japanese citizen to have won the Miss Japan title ever

She got her Japanese passport in 2022

InstagramShiino wearing the Japanese traditional dress Kimono[/caption]

The Weekly Bunshun magazine reported last week that Shiino had an affair with a doctor who is married.

At first, Shiino appeared to have confirmed the relationship – but said she did not know he was married.

Later, she revealed her earlier explanation was not true – and that she was aware of his married status and that he had a family.

The man involved in the affair was named Takuma Maeda – and is said to be an influencer who goes by the name Muscle Doctor.

The Ukrainian-born model explained that she was in a state of shock and fear over the bombshell report and panicked, which is why she was not able to tell the truth.

Shiino later apologised to the man’s partner and his family, as well as to all others involved.

“I’m very sorry for causing the tremendous trouble and for acting as if betraying everyone who has supported me,” she wrote in an Instagram post on Sunday.

Takuma acknowledged on Instagram too, saying he had no intention of divorcing his wife.

He apologised for causing trouble to Shiino – and promised to sincerely devote himself to his work and private life.

Shiino also added that after the article came out, she offered to give up her crown and resign from her modeling agency – and said her offers were accepted.

Officials from the organising team of Miss Japan confirmed Shiino’s renunciation on Tuesday and said that the slot for the 2024 winner would remain empty.

The organization added that it takes responsibility for causing the ruckus – and apologised to sponsors, judges, and others involved.

It explained it defended Shiino at first, based on her initial explanation that the man she was involved with had told her he was divorced and that she broke up with him when she learned otherwise.

The scandal reignited a wave of criticism of Shiino on social media.

Previously, she was slammed for winning the Miss Japan contest because of her Ukrainian origin – raising the point that Miss Japan should be awarded to women of Japanese descent.

Shiino relocated to Japan at age five after her Ukrainian mother married a Japanese man.

Fluent in Japanese, she became the country’s citizen in 2022 and has worked in the Japanese model industry despite her caucasian look.

She is also the only naturalised Japanese citizen to have won the Miss Japan title ever.

Shiino’s scandal also sparked a debate, raising questions about why she was mostly blamed for the affair.

In Japan’s male-dominated culture, women -who are expected to be good mothers and wives – are publicly chastised more than men in case of extramarital affairs.

Last year, famous Japanese actress Ryoko Hirosue’s acting agency suspended her indefinitely from work contracts over her alleged affair with a married celebrity chef.

InstagramThe model has been working in the Japnese model industry despite her caucasian look[/caption]

Moment Shiino was crowned Miss Japan

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