I’m a mum who’s slammed for going on lux holidays WITHOUT my child or husband…I love travel & won’t give up my hobby

I’m a mum who’s slammed for going on lux holidays WITHOUT my child or husband…I love travel & won’t give up my hobby

A MUM who’s been slammed for ditching her husband and child to go on luxury holidays has defended herself by saying that life should go on after having children.

Turkish influencer Burcu Kaldirim has also refused to change her ways and give up her hobby as she plans her next retreat.

instagram/@burcukaldirimmTurkish mum Burcu Kaldirim is a keen traveller and claims life should go on after having children[/caption]

instagram/@burcukaldirimmThe influencer has been slammed for leaving behind her husband and child to pursue her adventures, however[/caption]

Burcu recently announced she would be heading to Bali alone, having already been to Morocco for a ‘girls holiday’instagram/@burcukaldirimm

She gained initial criticism after announcing she was going on a “girls holiday” to Morocco without her husband.

But she has now come under fresh attack after revealing she was going to Bali alone.

Making the announcement on social media alongside pictures showing her enjoying a dip and relaxing, Burcu quickly received a tirade of abuse from online critics who slammed the decision.

One person said: “Why would you get married if you don’t hang out without your husband and why would you have kids if you would not want to care for them.”

Another added: “If a man did this, imagine how (much) worse the comments would be.”

A third spat: “This is not acceptable.”

But some people took to Burcu’s defence, saying that men should be able to step up and take on their parental responsibilities.

“Turkish men are learning that fathers should also take care of their children,” said one.

“I would love to do that, leaving my husband to (do) his mother’s care,” another hitback.

Burcu, however, snapped back at the criticism and slammed the discrimination and pressure placed on women by others.

“Society trying to define us in this way… Why?”, she responded.

“Whether you have children or not, you don’t have to give up on any of your dreams. We don’t have to fight for our dreams to be ourselves.

“We don’t have to feel guilty. Just because we got married, had children, got divorced, or chose a different path, we don’t have to fit into any mould or label.

“I hope we can raise generations that respect everyone’s life and choices.”

Elsewhere, a mum-of-one and body modification influencer died after contracting a virus on holiday.

Aline Barone Barbosa, 37, suffered heart complications caused by contracting dengue fever.

And a popular fitness influencer was murdered before her body was dumped outside her parents’ home.

Débora Michels, 30, known as Deby, was found dead on the pavement covered in a red cloth just yards from her mum and dad’s home.

instagram/@burcukaldirimmBurcu often posts about her son online but has received backlash for leaving him behind to go on holidays[/caption]

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