Worried Brit families of Gaza hostages held by Hamas terrorists meet Rishi Sunak 121 days on from October 7 massacre

Worried Brit families of Gaza hostages held by Hamas terrorists meet Rishi Sunak 121 days on from October 7 massacre

RISHI Sunak today met with concerned British families of Israelis taken hostage during Hamas’ horrific spree in Israel on October 7.

The Prime Minister promised that the UK would do “all it can” to help bring the hostages home to their families – 121 days on from the October massacre.

Sunak meeting with loved ones of the hostages

Irish-Israeli Emily Hand reunited with her dad last November after being held captive by Hamas

ReutersAn Israeli artillery unit fires towards Gaza, as the war rages on[/caption]

The PM described the kidnapping of innocent civilians by the terror group as an “unthinkable horror” as he tried to comfort the frantic relatives of those held in Hamas’ Gaza tunnels.

Sunak met with the sister of one British hostage currently held in Gaza, as well as the aunt of another.

And he spoke to the friends and family of two other hostages with links to the UK.

Sunak wrote on X: “To have a loved one taken hostage by terrorists is an unthinkable horror.

“Today I met again with British families still going through that harrowing ordeal.

“We will continue to do all we can to bring hostages held by Hamas in Gaza safely home.”

In December the Prime minister demanded the immediate release of all women and children still being held by Hamas.

The latest conflict between Israel and the terror group – which exploded after Hamas’ morning ambush last year – has seen hundreds of civilians taken hostage.

During a brief ceasefire agreement in November dozens of captive civilians were let go by Hamas.

One of them was Emily Hand, an Irish-Israeli girl who turned nine while trapped in the terror group’s Gaza tunnel network.

Her dad Thomas opened up about how his little girl is still scarred by her experience and has to use special code words to talk about what she went through.

But there are still British citizens and UK-linked people thought to be held over there.

The UK government’s most recent data released on Monday said that over 130 Israeli hostages are still being held by Hamas.

It also revealed that Israeli PM Netanyahu agreed to a deal in January which would see more aid enter Gaza including medicine for the hostages.

Qatari officials – who helped broker the last ceasefire truce – have made noises about a new deal.

The specifics have yet to be confirmed but there are reports that a rough deal has been outlined which would involve a ceasefire for 40 days – and the release of the remaining hostages.

Hamas has yet to agree to any deals which have been offered.

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