Female Russian influencers who kissed on camera are hunted down by Putin’s police & forced to make chilling apology vid

Female Russian influencers who kissed on camera are hunted down by Putin’s police & forced to make chilling apology vid

A PAIR of female Russian influencers were hunted down by Putin’s police and forced to make a chilling apology after kissing on camera. 

Vlada Alchaeva, 24, and her friend Vika, 19, were told they could “harm the psyche” of children who saw them kiss each other and now face a hefty fine.

The kiss that caused the two women to be in serious trouble with the Russian authoritiesEast2West

A pair of Russian influencers Vlada Alchaeva, 24 and Vika, 19, were forced to make a public apology after they kissed on cameraEast2West

East2WestRussian influencer Vlada Alchaeva, 24, was forced to make a public apology for filming herself kiss her pal[/caption]

East2WestHer close pal Vika, 19, was also taken by cops to apologise for breaking draconian Russian law[/caption]

The best friends ignored a new draconian law that bans anything Putin considers LGBT “propaganda”, say Russian media.

Vlada and Vika filmed their kiss and posted it on social media for the world to see – including Putin and his cronies.

The video gained international attention after Vlada put it on her Instagram story and TikTok.

Instagram is banned in Russia prompting even more issues within the Kremlin.

The under-fire clip showed the two girls passionately kissing in a pizzeria in Krasnodar – a region close to a Russian war zone – before Vlada proposed to her pal.

Putin himself even has an official residence and a private palace in the city of Krasnodar.

Vlada labelled the kiss as a “joke, just for a bit of a laugh” but she was very quickly hunted down by cops and stormed down to a local police station for serious questioning.

It was just a joke. I’m very remorseful, I’m very sorry. I only now starting to realise what we have done


Followed closely by Vika, the women were asked: “Did you understand that your video could be watched by minors and that the French kiss that you performed might have harmed their psyche?”

To which a shocked and confused Vika replied: “I was not thinking that it could have influenced anyone. I did not think about it. I did not know.”

At this point in the chilling interrogation the pair realised they were in more trouble than they ever expected.

An officer then asked: “So you often kiss women in real life?”

Before a worried Vika replied: “No, no, no! It was just a joke. I’m very remorseful, I’m very sorry.

“I only now starting to realise what we have done. And I understand that we should not have done it.”

Despite the new law under Putin’s regime being strictly policed, the tyrant has previously entertained a number of people who have done similar things to Vlada and Vika.

Most famously Russian pop duo t.A.T.u, who were known for their on-stage antics.

The pair’s sexuality was always in question by fans and onlookers but despite this being something the Russian leadership most certainly would’ve feared, Putin was fine with them storming up the charts.

The girl band – made up of Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina – thrived under the dictator’s early years in power and even managed to find success across the Western world.

The duo were even invited to perform at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi by Putin to showcase the best of Russia’s music industry.

Afterwards, Vlada then offered an explanation and a humbling apology for her actions to the cops.

“We started filming when we were kissing and I’m proposing to her which we are very sorry about and won’t do it again,” she said.

Vlada spoke to a journalist after the police had finished their interrogation and double downed on her grovelling apology.

This time Vlada said sorry for making it seem like she was in a relationship with Vika and made it clear that she was a straight woman.

I have always had relationships with men. The goal was to get attention

Vlada Alchaevainfluencer

She said: “I would never trade (male genitals) for (female genitals), I love men.

“I do not support any prohibited movements. For some reason, people thought (the proposal in the video) was real. She and I are friends.

“But I have always had relationships with men. The goal was to get attention.”

Vlada now faces a whopping £1,750 fine for posting the video on her social media, while Vika racked up a £875 bill for her role in the kiss.

East2WestThe moment the two women were marched away by cops after they hunted the pair down for the kiss[/caption]

East2WestRussian pop duo t.A.T.u were filmed doing similar stunts to the women but were supported by Putin rather than punished[/caption]

East2WestVlada Alchaeva, 24, filmed and posted the video onto social media[/caption]

Close pal Vika, 19, was also punished for being involved in the video and finedEast2West

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