Incredible POV vid shows Ukrainian Spartan Brigade drone take out Putin’s $1.2m T-72 tank sparking huge fireball blast

Incredible POV vid shows Ukrainian Spartan Brigade drone take out Putin’s $1.2m T-72 tank sparking huge fireball blast

THIS is the chilling moment a Ukrainian FPV drone takes out a massive Russian T-72 tank and causes a huge fireball blast to erupt.

Putin’s $1.2million military motor was left battered and smoking after the Ukrainian Spartan Brigade hit their target with a pin-point drone strike.

Twitter/@DefenceUA Spartan Brigade drone took out a Russian T-72 tank after targeting it[/caption]

The tank sparked in a huge fireball after being hit by the FPV drone

Twitter/@DefenceUThe last shot of the Russian tank before the drone smashes into it and sends it sparking into a huge fireball[/caption]

The flames continued to flicker and pulse after the initial hit and was left battered and smoking

The incredible POV footage was posted onto X, formerly known as Twitter, on the official page of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine.

Followed by the caption: “Nice hit of the Russian T-72 tank by the FPV drone, and the detonation is even better.”

The 24-second clip was filmed by Ukrainian soldiers of the 3rd Spartan Brigade of the National Guard and shows their tactical strike on the mammoth tank.

The drone soars across a huge field with the Russian tank in sight before hurtling towards it at great speed.

Moments later the drone smashes into the tank and a huge spark is seen upon the heavy impact.

Then a blast begins to erupt and cause a cloud of smoke to burst into the air as a massive fireball lights up the camera in a fiery amber glow.

The flames then pulse and flicker before the tank is left to smoke after being seemingly destroyed by the heroic drone.

Known as first-person-view drones, the military-grade weapons are seen as crucial to help Zelensky’s men battle on with the ongoing war.

They are used as a usual attack drone is but have clever inbuilt cameras on them that can clearly show the location of soldiers, ammunition depots, and the movement routes of Russians.

The latest on the Ukraine war

AFTER almost two years, the war in Ukraine continues to rumble on as fears of an all-out World War Three between Russia and the West keep on going.

Since the beginning of the war, Russia has lost approximately 385,230 personnel, 6,310 tanks, and 11,757 armoured combat vehicles, Ukrainian army officials said.

Putin’s army also reportedly lost 9,195 artillery units, 974 multiple launch rocket systems, 663 air defence systems, 332 warplanes, and 324 helicopters.

The list goes on – 7,100 drones, 1,846 cruise missiles, 23 warships, 1 submarine, 12,231 motor vehicles and fuel tankers, and 1,452 units of special equipment.

As the tyrant is estimated to have seen more than 300,000 troops died since he declared war in February 2022.

Ukraine previously claimed to have sunk a Russian warship – with 50 sailors on board – using kamikaze sea drones.

Footage shared by Ukraine’s ministry of defence showed the dramatic moment its boats sped toward Putin’s £55million Black Sea missile ship “Ivanovets” and sent it up in flames.

In another major scalp for Ukraine, two of Putin’s most crucial spy planes worth £290million were shot down last month.

One of the Russian dictator’s £260million spy planes disappeared and a £30million bomber jet was set on fire after Ukrainian forces shot them out of the sky above the Azov Sea.

However, despite Ukraine’s success Russia has no plans to slow down in their assaults.

Earlier this month, Putin gathered 40,000 troops, 500 tanks and hundreds of howitzer artillery guns to unleash hell on Kupyansk.

On January 15, a leaked military report revealed Putin’s possible step-by-step plan to bring the West to the brink of World War 3.

The secret docs detail the despot’s possible “path to conflict” which reaches its climax in the summer of 2025 on “Day X” when half a million Nato and Russian soldiers will face each other.

According to reports, Putin is desperate to secure a significant victory before the rubber-stamp elections in March that are all but certain to secure his brutal reign over Russia until at least 2030.

The Ukrainian FPV kamikaze drones have proved to be very useful so far in the war as it nears towards the tragic two year anniversary of Russia‘s first invasion.

Back in January, a Russian tank was obliterated and turned into a massive fireball that sent its turret flying 100ft into the air.

Dramatic footage, taken during an attack near Bakhmut, shows a Ukrainian kamikaze drone wiping out a T-72 tank.

The lethal FPV zeroes in on a $500k tank that had been firing at Ukrainian soldiers, meeting it with an impressive speed and slamming straight into it.

Footage also shows the moment Ukraine destroyed a column of Russian tanks and armoured vehicles in a single blitz using drones and missiles.

Ukraine unleashed pin-point strikes on Putin‘s convoy maneuvering near the frontline in Russian-held Donetsk region in a two-hour onslaught.

A third incredible piece of footage shows a US Bradley armoured truck blitzing one of Putin’s T-90 tanks with ease.

The Russian beasts are thought to be worth £3.5million but it was ultimately left battered and destroyed by Ukraine’s top military motor.

Recently footage of another huge US Bradley taking on the Russians was seen and it had similar success.

As a whopping three Russian BMP-2s were eliminated in devastating fashion as the US military grade armoured vehicle stormed onto the Ukrainian frontlines to save a brave troop of soldiers.

Twitter/@DefenceUThe incredible drone found its target from miles away before directly hitting it[/caption]

The Russian tank was left burning for some time

The initial damage to the tank before it completely went up in flamesTwitter/@DefenceU

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