Rambling Putin boasts Russia has ‘unstoppable’ missiles & issues chilling warning to West in 2-hour Tucker Carlson rant

Rambling Putin boasts Russia has ‘unstoppable’ missiles & issues chilling warning to West in 2-hour Tucker Carlson rant

RAMBLING Vladimir Putin boasted about Russia’s “unstoppable” missile system in his rambling interview with Tucker Carlson.

The Russian tyrant spoke for two hours in a sit-down interview – his first time since troops invaded Ukraine in 2022.

ReutersUS journalist Tucker Carlson has finally released his interview with Vladimir Putin[/caption]

RexThe interview follows a series of intense missile strikes on Kyiv over the last few days[/caption]

ReutersPutin has also ramped up his attacks in the Donetsk region[/caption]

Since war broke out, at least 302,000 Russian soldiers have been killed in the front line.

A further 70,000 Ukrainian troops and at least 10,000 civilians have also been killed, although it is feared that number is likely far higher.

Shameless Putin sat down to weave yet another baseless web of lies, launching into a lengthy tirade about Russian history, before laying into the US and Bill Clinton and trashing President Biden.

He also boasted about Russia’s ‘unstoppable’ missile system, saying: “We created hypersonic systems with intercontinental range, and we continue to develop them.

“We are now ahead of everyone, the United States and the other countries in terms of the development of hypersonic strike systems.

“And we are improving them every day.”

Unashamedly, the tyrant went on to deny having started the war in 2022, claiming instead that the last two years have been his attempts to stop Ukraine’s war against him.

Putin added that he had been unable to achieve his aims because one of them is de-nazification.

“This means the prohibition of all kinds of neo-Nazi movements,” he said.

“I say that the Ukrainians are part of the one Russian people. They say, no, we are a separate people.

“Okay, fine. If they consider themselves a separate people, they have the right to do so.

“But not on the basis of Nazism, the Nazi ideology.”

From the very onset of the war, the Kremlin has issued warped claims accusing Ukraine of being under a Nazi regime – while it continues to deny having any involvement in civilian attacks.

Just a handful of months into his offensive against Ukraine, the autocrat had already started denying the massacres he had ordered his troops to carry out.

A propagandised state TV report was released, twisting the tale to claim that the scenes of carnage in Bucha was staged by British media.

Putin’s propaganda machine has repeatedly attempted to cover up Russia’s involvement in alleged atrocities – including using cluster bombs to blast Ukrianians.

Once more, Putin has used the opportunity presented to him to blame the West for “provocation”.

The tyrant alleges that the United States, the United Kingdom, and NATO have been using the war in Ukraine as a means of conditioning Western citizens against Russia.

Arguing that Russia has no intention of invading other countries, the deranged leader claimed American and European leaders are merely “threatmongering” – that “they have been scaring everyone with us all along”.

He even went as far as to claim that the war in Ukraine had been concocted by the leaders of these countries to “extort” money from their taxpayers to weaken Russia.

Yet, despite the bizarre claims made by Putin throughout the interview, Putin’s war has been responsible for the deaths of millions of Ukrainian and Russian troops.

James Heappey, the British minister of state for the armed forces, revealed that at least 302,000 Russian military have been killed since the beginning of the war.

Tens of thousands more have already deserted their country since the start of the invasion.

Independent journalist Alexander Nevzorov has called attention to the macabre sight of the masses of bodies lining the key eastern Ukrainian city of Adviivka.

He said: “The approaches to Avdiivka have long become a huge mass grave of [Putin’s fighters].

“But now the Russians are covering the area with a new carpet of their corpses.”

Nevzorov said there was no military reason Putin wanted to “liberate” the city, stating: “At all polling stations, ballot boxes must bow before the crazy king of corpses.

“The fights are crazy. Orcs [Russian fighters] climb over the corpses of their comrades, ‘forward to the victory of Putinism’.”

The dictator’s savage war has caused the tragic deaths of hundreds of thousands, and left countless more with grave injuries.

Last year, the International Criminal Court found Putin guilty of the “unlawful deportation” of children from Ukraine – a war crime under the Geneva Convention – and issued a warrant for his arrest.

At the time, Ukraine’s human rights chief, Dmytro Lubinets, said that 16,226 children were known to have been abducted and deported. That number is now thought to have increased.

An investigative body from the UN has also accused Russian troops of committing wide-ranging war crimes in Ukraine – including torture and the use of rape as a systematic weapon of war.

Horror war crimes committed in Ukraine after Putin launched invasion

Ukrainian officials believe there have been more than 100,000 cases of war crimes committed by Russian forces since February 2022.

On March 17, 2023, the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin for his crimes against children.

The UN Commission of Inquiry on the war against Ukraine found that Putin’s cronies were responsible for the abduction and deportation of tens of thousands of children.

Russian forces have also been found responsible for the torture and murder of thousands of Ukrainian civilians – alongside countless rapes.

The Russian despot has denied targeting civilians, but further inquiries into the war found that there have been purposeful missile strikes on civilian refuges, multiple shootings at civilian vehicles, and cases where civilians have been used as human shields.

Ukrainian forces have also alleged that Russia has been using filtration camps, which they describe as “modern day concentration camps”, where masses of Ukrainians have been subjected to electric torture, beatings, stabbings and shootings.

In the annexed regions, there have also been cases of Ukrainian civilians who have been forced into joining the pro-Russian separatist forces.

Carlson has drawn intense criticism for his decision to act as a loudspeaker for the despot, whose war in Ukraine has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and turned the world order on its head.

In 2017, the then host of Fox News unfoundedly claimed that the Russian tyrant posed no danger to America. Instead, he argued, “the left” chose to see Putin behind all of the country’s problems.

His pro-Putin rhetoric rocketed in the lead-up to Russian’s invasion of Ukraine – just months prior, he claimed Americans hated their country more than Putin did, arguing “Russia is not our enemy”.

And in 2022, after tyrannical Putin started his brutal war, Carlson went as far as to ask why he should oppose the invasion.

This interview is the first time Putin has been interviewed by a Western journalist since before the war.

The Kremlin said the interview with Carlson was granted because his approach is different from the rest of the “one-sided” Western media.

But, journalists have slammed the interview for being little more than a censored puff piece.

The interview comes after 1,000 independent Russian journalists fled the country to escape Putin’s sweeping censorship laws that criminalise any critical coverage of the war.

Tens of journalists have been targeted by Russian soldiers, with several having been shot and a handful killed by shelling.

Meanwhile, when Carlson asked Putin if he would be willing to release Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich back to the US, Putin claimed he had already made many gestures out of “goodwill”.

The journalist was arrested under espionage charges in Russia almost a year ago.

Although Carlson argued his case, saying he was hardly a “super spy”, Putin doubled down – retorting “getting classified information in secret is called espionage”.

Putin’s war in Ukraine wreaks devastating death toll

A staggering 10,000 Ukrainian civilians deaths have been recorded since Putin launched his brutal invasion in February 2022.

But the UN believes that the real number is much higher.

This estimate includes more than 560 children.

Ukraine is also thought to have lost at least 70,000 soldiers in the fight against Russia.

174 civilian citizens from other countries have also been killed during Putin’s offensive – three of which were from the UK.

Tens of journalists have also been killed – although the exact figure is yet to be determined.

Meanwhile, it has been estimated that Russia has only lost 79 civilians.

Putin has lost over 300,000 soldiers in bloody meat-grinder battles since the start of his war.

Just ten months into his own war, Putin had already lost 100,000 Russian men.

AlamyPutin called the Ukrainian President[/caption]

AFPPutin has been accused of targeting civilian refuges[/caption]

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