I have FIVE wives & my Valentine’s Day bill’s through the roof…no one can feel left out so I treat them all like queens

I have FIVE wives & my Valentine’s Day bill’s through the roof…no one can feel left out so I treat them all like queens

A MAN with five “wives” is spending over £110,000 on gifts during the most romantic month of the year.

Arthur O Urso enjoys his controversial marriage set-up in a raunchy “Free Love” mansion where he follows a sex schedule with each girl.

Jam Press/CO Press OfficeArthur O Urso spends thousands pampering all of his wives[/caption]

Jam Press/CO Press OfficeThe Brazilian spoils his women with beauty treatments and expensive jewellery[/caption]

At his peak, the Brazilian influencer, who boasts 207,000 followers on Instagram, had a total of nine wives.

But he has also had his fair share of divorces along the way.

He is currently “married” to Luana Kazaki, 27, Emelly Souza, 22, Valquíria Santos, 24, Damiana, 25, and Carla Santos, 28.

Now with five wives, the 37-year-old plans to treat them all like queens this Valentine’s Day, including luxurious gifts and lavish dinners.

“I don’t want there to be any feeling of competition between them, because there are usually some silly fights due to jealousy at home,” he said.

“And that way, there’s no way any of them can complain or get mad at me.”

So far, they all have an identical gift – a piece of silver jewellery which cost Arthur almost £80,000 on all five.

But the treats don’t stop there, Arthur has also surprised the ladies in his life with a day of pampering at a beauty salon, totalling an additional £12,000.

He said: “Their natural beauty is unparalleled, but I know how much they love to dress up for me.

“I wanted them to feel pampered on Valentine’s Day.

“They’re having their hair, makeup, and nails done.”

Arthur and his five wives have also already been for a slap-up meal to celebrate the day of love.

He said: “When making the reservation for the Valentine’s Day dinner, I surprised the manager when I informed him that there would be six people occupying the table.

“However, I was eager to share this special moment with not just one, but all five of my beloved wives.

“We are already used to judgments.

“But without resentment, anyone would be surprised by our way of loving.”

Arthur claims that he spent £16,000 on the lavish meal.

For the evening of Valentine’s Day, he plans to sleep with all of his wives in the ‘super bed’ they have at home – which is six metres long, two metres wide, and weighs more than half a ton.

The six also usually have a “sex schedule” but say that it won’t be in place this Valentine’s.

Wife Luana said: “We all get along very well because we believe in that form of love.

“A very important thing between the wives and Arthur is dialogue.

“We always try to talk about everything, so that there are no misunderstandings.

“Our sex schedule has worked really well for us, but of course, we don’t need to follow this routine every day.

“We travel a lot, so sometimes the days don’t add up. But other than that, it works.

“We’re all very sexual, so it took about three months for it to really start working out.

“My sex day is Sunday. I think it’s great that I already start the week super well and relaxed.”

Arthur had previously shared snaps of his incredible new mansion that features a 20ft gold bed and raunchy sex dungeon.

The Brazilian man built the extravagant “dream” pad, dubbed Mansão do Amor Livre – Mansion of Free Love.

The sprawling 20-room mansion is home to several bizarre features – including a huge bed which Arthur said is his favourite.

Custom built, the giant bed is 20ft wide and has reportedly been made with half a kilo of gold.

Also within the massive home is a sex dungeon with a red wooden chair and leather and chain contraptions.

Images of the bizarre room also show handcuffs, red candles, and a sound system.

A winged statue outside the mansion has been spray-painted with the phrase “Love Pink”, which appears to be a favourite colour among Urso and his wives.

Within the home is a pink bathroom that features a ball pit inside the shower – though it’s not clear if this is a temporary or permanent installation.

Jam Press/CO Press OfficeArthur spends over £110,000 a month on gifts during the most romantic month of the year[/caption]

Arthur also has a ‘sex schedule’ with all his partners to make sure nobody feels left out

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