Terrifying moment zip wire SNAPS sending thrillseeker plummeting 20ft down to the road below

Terrifying moment zip wire SNAPS sending thrillseeker plummeting 20ft down to the road below

THIS is the terrifying moment a zip wire snaps and sends a thrillseeker plummeting 20 feet down to the road below.

The shocking incident took place in Brasilia, Brazil, on January 27 as the man, who has not been named, endured a horror freefall.

CENThe man appeared fully strapped in as he prepared to set off[/caption]

CENHe lasted just a few moments in the air before the rope snapped[/caption]

CENFootage caught the terrifying moment he plummeted to the ground below[/caption]

The victim had been taking part in a firefighters course in the neighbourhood of Asa Sul, which involved descending from the first floor of a building to the pavement using the zipline.

Footage shows the man releasing himself through the window of the building while tied to cables and ropes.

But as he descends using the zipline, one of the ropes appears to break and he falls about 20ft onto the pavement below.

He was taken to Base Hospital conscious, with pain in his left arm, ribs and a cut on his head.

One of the man’s colleagues told local media that he has since been discharged from hospital and is recovering at home.

The Official Alpha-Resgate school, responsible for the course, which was closed after the accident, told local media that the coordinators and instructors provided first aid to the student.

They said: “The course coordinator and all the instructors gave full support to the student, we did all the first care in the same way!

“We called the firefighters and waited. The coordinator went with him to the hospital entrance and to the medical centre.

“The student is well and we are giving him all the support he needs.”

In August 2022, a woman taking photos from a zipline platform plunged to her death when she was pushed over the edge of a ravine.

The victim had been taking pictures from a landing platform at a scenic spot near the city of Fenyang, in northern China’s Shanxi province when the tragedy occurred.

And just a month earlier, a boy of nine plunged 22ft from a forest zipwire ride when his safety cable snapped.

The youngster was rushed to hospital with back and abdominal injuries after the horror accident at the TreeTop Challenge adventure park in Queensland, Australia.

CENThe man crashed to the floor but survived the terrifying fall[/caption]

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