Inside manmade private island ‘The Monaco’ that can be SAILED around the world with pools, helipad & mini-submarine

Inside manmade private island ‘The Monaco’ that can be SAILED around the world with pools, helipad & mini-submarine

A MAN-made private island modelled after Monaco is set to have a racing track, helipad, pools and a mini-submarine.

The Streets of Monaco is a grandiose concept design which aims to recreate the famed city of luxury and Formula-1 racing.

Yacht Island DesignMan-made private island is set to imitate the landscape of Monaco[/caption]

Yacht Island DesignThe main entry point features an oasis with a waterfall and cascading pools at the centre[/caption]

Yacht Island DesignThe concept for owner’s suite which spans across three floors and has a private deck[/caption]

F1 fans can experience a true thrill on a famous grand prix circuit which can accommodate three karts side by side.

The racing track stretches around the whole boat and passes the famous Monaco sights.

But that’s not the only resemblance to the lavish French city.

The floating island will also include a casino and a replica of the Hotel de Paris – the well-known city landmark.

The yacht stretches across 500-feet and features swimming pools, tennis courts, helicopter pad, gym and a bar.

The signature architecture and buildings of Monte Carlo can be seen atop the yacht, creating an illusion of a real-life city.

The Oasis is yet another focal point of the opulent yacht.

This regal area, which serves as the main boarding point for the ship, is inspired by the exquisite gardens of the Monaco Casino.

When entering the yacht, the attention is drawn by a waterfall in the centre of the lounge.

This section of the ship features multi-level pools that cascade into one another and a serene Jacuzzi.

Guests can also enjoy a SPA equipped with sauna and steam rooms, massage chairs, a pool with a bar and a beauty salon.

The Streets of Monaco has seven guest suites – each with a private bathroom, reception room, dressing room, bedroom and a balcony.

And the owner’s suite which spreads across all three floors and spans over a whopping 15,000 square feet.

Along with usual amenities and a fire place, the master bedroom also includes a personal Jacuzzi and swimming pool with a private sundeck.

While on your stay, you can also hop on a sight-seeing submarine for a deep-dive tour of the ocean.

The concept images show a beach deck where smaller boats and jet skis can be parked.

With an uncanny resemblance to Monaco, it is easy forget you’re on a yacht if it weren’t for the view of the vast ocean that opens up from the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Yacht Island DesignThe yacht features seven guest suits with bathrooms, reception rooms and spacious bedrooms[/caption]

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