I’m the ‘Queen of Doomsday’ who’s prepped for WW3 – I’ve only binned 3 jars…trolls say I’m a hoarder but I’ll laugh last

I’m the ‘Queen of Doomsday’ who’s prepped for WW3 – I’ve only binned 3 jars…trolls say I’m a hoarder but I’ll laugh last

A SELF-PROCLAIMED “Queen of Doomsday” has enough supplies to survive a World War 3 and has only binned three jars in 30 years.

She posts her hacks on canning and preserving food under the name Charmingly Frugal on TikTok.

SWNSThe ‘queen of doomsday’ who has only thrown away three jars of food in 30 years[/caption]

SWNSShe saves £3,800 annually by growing and preserving meals[/caption]

SWNSShe prepares survival backpacks with warm clothes and emergency food[/caption]

Charmingly, 35, has learnt the skills of preserving at the age of four from her late grandparents, Adelle and Clyde.

She grows fresh vegetables and fruit such as peaches, potatoes, tomatoes, corn and squash in her garden for her husband, 39, and three children – aged seven, ten and 12.

Charmingly rotates her pantry and has enough food stocked up to last a year.

The savvy woman also saves around £317-a-month on groceries by buying meat from farmers, and bulk buying pasta, rice and flour – which works out to £3,800 in savings annually.

After her family experienced an earthquake and the Covid pandemic she decided to step up her game and now prepares for any disaster.

In case of emergency, the queen of doomsday has survival kits on standby with warm clothes, water purifiers, emergency food and solar generators.

Charmingly, a stylist, from Salt Lake City, Utah, US, said: “I’m the queen of doomsday.

“Prepping is more of a life insurance.

“You can never be prepared enough.

“The world is a very shaky place.

“Lots of stuff is looming – we don’t know what will happen.”

Along with growing fruit and vegetables in her garden, Charmingly also has herbs such as basil and rosemary.

She said: “Our goal is to have a years’ worth of supply.”

She gets her meat from a local farmer and harvests a cow and a pig for a year.

Charmingly said: “We spent £317 less on food.

“A family spend about £634.

“It baffles me the price of meat. People are paying as much for meat as they for their mortgage.”

As well as preserving food Charmingly keeps prepares for any natural disaster.

In 2016 while living in Alaska the family were evacuated after an earthquake.

She said: “We realised we’ve got to make sure we’re prepared.”

During the Covid pandemic they went four months without going to the supermarket and avoided the panic around food.

But they still increased their supplies to ensure they could be ready for as much as they can.

Charmingly said: “We have solar generators, survival kits and emergency food.

“Inside our home we have nine months supply of freeze dried food on top of canning.”

The family also has first aid kits, warm clothes and equipment to start a fire.

Charmingly said: “There is always a what if.

“Taking these small steps – it’s insurance.

“A lot of people go straight to doomsday. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.”

Charmingly gets trolls telling her she is a “hoarder” and that she is “wasting” food.

She said: “In 30 years I think I have thrown away three jars of food.

“We’re about 80 per cent self-sustainable.”

Charmingly hopes to be able to buy off grid in the future and being completely self-sufficient.

She said: “Be prepared not scared.”

SWNSCharmingly Frugal has enough food stocked up to last a year[/caption]

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