Terrifying vid shows $16m mansions teetering on CLIFF-EDGE 140ft high after landslide sends yards plunging into ocean

Terrifying vid shows $16m mansions teetering on CLIFF-EDGE 140ft high after landslide sends yards plunging into ocean

TERRIFYING footage of $16 million mansions hanging at the edge of the cliff has emerged after a landslide sent their yards plunging into ocean.

This comes after California has been hit by two mudslides amid heavy storms last weekend.

ABC73 multimillion-dollar homes teetering on edge of California cliff after landslide, footage shows[/caption]

ABC7Dana Point sits atop a cliff at an altitude of 140 feet above sea level[/caption]

The Mega AgencyThe record rain pounded California a week before raising threat of mudslides[/caption]

The three luxury mansions appear to be teetering dangerously close to the the cliff-edge in Dana Point – a city in California situated at an altitude of 144 feet above sea level.

The horrifying video shows the aftermath of a recent landslide which eroded the backyards of the multi-million properties.

The chunk of the cliff where the homes used to sit was washed away by heavy rainfall.

But luckily the area where the debris fell on Friday was empty.

The mansions can be seen hanging atop the unstable soil as if about to plummet down 140 feet into the Pacific.

Below is a beach with a sizeable mound of rocks, sand and mud sitting at the foot of the cliff.

Dana Point resident, Jan Cocchiara, told local news station:”I would be concerned if I lived in one of those homes.

“I don’t know if it’s because of all the development that the hill’s been compromised.”

But the city of Dana Point reassured that the homes have been inspected and no immediate threat has been detected.

One of the unnamed homeowners also told Abc7 that his home is secure and hasn’t been red-flagged by the city.

The Orange County Fire Authority stated there were no calls about the landslide and it’s unclear if anybody has been evacuated.

Dana Point City manager Mike Killebrew also added that debris have not blocked access to the beach.

He said: “There are no structures jeopardized at this point, and it looks like no impact on the lateral beach access.”

Redfin – a real estate agency – estimates the relative values of the three nearby homes to be $15.9 million, $14.1 million, and $12.9 million.

The torrential rains had caused numerous mudslides and landslides in the region.

On the same night, a portion of a cul-de-sac on Avenida Columbo – just 13 miles south from the lavish mansions – fell roughly five feet down and sent mud and debris at least 150 feet below.

This comes not long after Los Angeles fire crews revealed that mudslides damaged two homes while putting the other seven at risk.

Flash flooding and landslides in the Hollywood Hills have created a life-threatening and particularly dangerous situation, per the US National Weather Service.

Mudslides have hit the Hollywood hills on February 4

APRescue operations were deployed following the floods[/caption]

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