Creepy coordinates to ‘buried body’ found on table donated to charity shop…& they lead to eerie spot on Google Maps

Creepy coordinates to ‘buried body’ found on table donated to charity shop…& they lead to eerie spot on Google Maps

CREEPY coordinates leading to a “buried body” found scrawled on a table have whipped the internet into a frenzy.

The chilling discovery was made by a shop worker who promptly posted a snap of the bizarre find on social media.

A social media post that showed coordinates and an eerie message whipped the internet into a frenzyFacebook

The coordinates lead to an eerie spot in the middle of nowhere

After following the coordinates on Google Maps online sleuths were horrified to end up at an eerie spot.

The spot is located in a desolate area consisting of murky lakes, wasteland and a large grave yard surrounded by trees.

Some speculated that a Star of David sign could also be seen but a Reddit user explained: “It’s a training rocket site.

“I couldn’t tell you why it’s in the shape it is but there are several prop rockets around the shape that we used for training while we were down there.”

The shop worker revealed the table was donated and sold later the same day.

The post showed the bottom of a desk draw with the text “the truth is underneath” written on it.

The flip-side of the draw revealed the alarming words: “The body is at 27°36’32.6″N 81°12’24.8″W.”

Facebook users believe the area is an old airfield, “It’s just Avon Park it’s an old Air Force Range and it’s kind of famous with old timers in the area,” someone explained.

The post was first made in 2019 but has recently been reposted, sparking a new wave of horror.

One person wrote: “This is actually scary,” while another said: “This is creepy.”

“This feels like the weirdest most unsettling prank ever,” remarked a third.

It comes after a video captured the “world’s most terrifying sound” on a door bell camera – sending a dog owner fleeing for their life.

At first nothing about the scene appears untoward as a walker takes their pet for an evening stroll – but then a horrifying sound rings out.

The ear-splitting screech pierces the silence and sends the horrified person hot-footing it back to the safety of their home dragging their dog behind them.

It is not clear where or when the footage was recorded but it was recently posted on X and has racked up nearly 20million views.

The post claims the cause of the haunting sound is a Aztec death whistle.

Disturbingly, the whistle is a device that was previously used by Aztecs during human sacrifice rituals.

Some people thought a Star of David was on the ground but it turned out to be a training rocket site

A first message lead the shop worker to the eerie coordinatesFacebook

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