Train station abandoned by builders who suddenly vanished thanks to Silver Arrow legend – and the clue they left behind

Train station abandoned by builders who suddenly vanished thanks to Silver Arrow legend – and the clue they left behind

AN ABANDONED train station has been left unfinished for decades after an eerie legend haunts the passengers who once hopped on board.

Creepy stories surround the notorious Kymlinge Metro Station but none more than the tale of the Silver Arrow train that is said to trap people inside the rusty doors until they turn to ghosts.

Wikimedia CommonsThe legend of the Silver Arrow train has kept Stockholm on edge for decades[/caption]

Wikipedia/Photographs by Holger EllgaardThe Kymlinge Metro Station has been left abandoned for years half-finished[/caption]

YouTube/by Robert EklundThe station is surrounded by trees and the legend says ‘only the dead can get off’[/caption]

Today, the station is sat half-finished in Stockholm, Sweden left deserted, damaged and with a downright dystopian vibe to it.

One theory of why its been left untouched says the builders working on the station were forced to quit the job after witnessing a number of horrors after finding clues left behind nearby.

The main horror story comes from a Swedish legend that focuses on the Silverpilen train – better known in English as the Silver Arrow.

It goes back to the 1960s, when the Stockholm Metro bagged themselves eight large trains made purely out of aluminium.

This was normal in Sweden but when they turned up to the station they were left in their original silver colour not painted green like all other Stockholm Metro cars.

They decided to leave the carriages bare in a move that not only made them stand out but also fuelled decades of rumours.

What added to the legend was that the trains were almost left in an impeccable condition every single night.

Most other trains were littered with graffiti or plastered with advertisements but the Silver Arrows were spotless.

This prompted locals to say the only way the trains could stay so perfect was because it was exclusively used by ghosts.

A theory that meant they were hardly ever used by the locals.


According to one of the main stories linked to the station, “only the dead get off at Kymlinge”.

This is because many believe once you get on board the Silver Arrow you will never return as the same person.

The train is said to become stuck in an infinite time loop, riding the tracks for eternity as the whole carriage wastes away.

In another version the train stops once a year and the travellers are allowed to leave but they have a chilling new life.

After a year on board, all those who got on the train have slowly become ghouls and zombie-like creatures who end up invading the local woods and tormenting anyone they see.


According to locals in the area, the most terrifying story of the Silver Arrow train focuses on a young woman coming home after a frantic night of partying.

She is said to hop on board an old, silver train in the pitch black night and is greeted by a number of creepy looking fellow travellers.

When the train approaches the woman’s stop it flies straight past and continues at a high speed until it reaches Kymlinge.

At this point the girl is said to be in a great panic as the other passengers seamlessly float through the walls of the train as she realises she’s been sat on a ghost train this whole time.

The already scary tale ends in tragic circumstances as depending on which version gets passed down to you the girl is either found dead on the train or has turned insane wandering around the woods of Ursvik.


The truth of the Silver Arrow and Kymlinge is a much simpler story.

Stockholm was thought to be using the new silver trains as test cars to see if the public preferred simple trains or coloured and branded ones.

The local transportation agency thought it would be far cheaper to use empty cars without having to paint them and brand them.

In terms of Kymlinge Station, it isn’t technically abandoned but just indefinitely delayed in its construction.

The finishing touches were never finished as Stockholm entered a period of extreme suburbanisation.

So in an effort to maintain the natural beauty of Kymlinge construction was halted and plans for the station were scrapped. aerial view of the station surrounded by a forest said to be filled of ghostly figures who were let off the train after they died[/caption]

Wikipedia/Photographs by Holger EllgaardA theory suggests that the station was left unfinished because the builders were scared stiff of what they saw during the build[/caption]

YouTube/by Robert EklundThe platform at the cursed station where hardly anyone has ever stepped foot[/caption]

GettyThe chilling tale of the train station and train has a number of terrifying tales connected to it[/caption]

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