Horror moment Dominos worker is filmed picking his NOSE & wiping it on pizza dough forcing fast food giant to apologise

Horror moment Dominos worker is filmed picking his NOSE & wiping it on pizza dough forcing fast food giant to apologise

THIS is the horror moment Domino’s worker picked his nose and wiped it on pizza dough.

The video – which was filmed in the Amagasaki branch in the Hyogo prefecture, Japan – forced the restaurant chain to issue an apology.

CENWorker picks his nose and wipes it on pizza dough in Amagasaki, Japan[/caption]

CENThe disgusting act was posted on an online forum[/caption]

The SunDomino’s Japan has since issued an apology and promised to punish the workers[/caption]

The footage showed an employee in Domino’s uniform kneading the dough when he picked his nose and rubbed it on the pizza.

The person filming can be heard laughing in the background of the video.

Domino’s Japan has swiftly closed the branch in question and apologised to its customers for the staff’s “inappropriate conduct”.

Just hours after the video began circulation online, the fast food giant posted their statement on X, former Twitter.

They said: “We deeply apologize for making our valued customers uncomfortable.”

The company said that the person in the video was a part-time employee and will face punishment in accordance with employment regulations.

It was also added that the people involved may face legal action.

The restaurant explained that the incident happened after opening hours when the dough was being prepared for 24-hour fermentation process.

They reassured that all pizza dough had been disposed of before it could be used for customers.

In their apology, Domino’s Pizza promised to ensure that “something like this never happens again”.

This comes after three people were arrested in Japan over “sushi terrorism” prank videos.

In the footage posted online, they were seen licking the top of a soy sauce bottle at a sushi conveyor restaurant.

They also licked their fingers before touching sushi intended for other customers.

The pranksters were caught on video licking communal spoons and putting wasabi on other customer’s sushi.

Burger King faced backlash and abruptly closed its restaurant when a rat infestation was caught on camera.

Footage from 2018 showed the animals crawling over bread buns and leaving droppings in various areas of the chain’s kitchen. 

A Pizza Hut delivery driver was caught having a wee right next to a steaming box of fresh pizzas in broad daylight.

The brazen act was spotted by a man living in the flat above who filmed the driver relieving himself in Beckton, London.

CENDomino’s stated they might even seek legal action against the employee[/caption]

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