Inside ‘world’s most eco-friendly’ 90ft electric superyacht that can sail SILENTLY…but is still the ultimate party spot

Inside ‘world’s most eco-friendly’ 90ft electric superyacht that can sail SILENTLY…but is still the ultimate party spot

A LUXURY 90ft electric superyacht dubbed the “world’s most eco-friendly” has been unveiled.

The Sialia 80 Explorer is set to blow other boats out the water with its ability to travel the world in complete silence, powered by state-of-the-art electric propellers.

Sialia YachtsThe ship’s designers called it their most ‘advanced vessel to date’[/caption]

Sialia YachtsThe 90ft yacht will run completely on electricity and can sail 12 passengers all over the world[/caption]

Sialia YachtsIt should last its entire lifetime with almost no maintenance needed[/caption]

Hailed as Sialia Yachts‘ “most advanced vessel to date”, it is made completely out of high-grade marine-type aluminium.

The slick ship is 90ft-long and 27ft-wide and travels at 11 knots over a range of over 3,400miles using two 400kW electric motors.

It was built for 12 passengers – with four guest cabins and two crew berths.

The Sialia 80 boasts a master bedroom with direct access to the water, a multi-level open deck, and ultra-low energy glass door display systems to give the interiors a light and airy feel.

And under the boat sits a novel AMPROS propulsion system for constant, silent electric cruising.

Developed in collaboration with Designer and Naval Architect Vripack, the ship was built to last its entire lifetime with very little maintenance.

Sialia Yachts co-founder and CEO Stanislav Szadkowski said: “While eco-friendly yachting is still a niche, progress toward cleaner technologies is inevitable.”

It was designed to “thrive in a variety of environmental conditions, travelling to some of the world’s most remote locations in silence and with minimal environmental impact.”

She added: “This design ensures calm and quiet operation, providing the owner with a peaceful and undisturbed experience on board.”

It comes as a loving husband gifted his wife a £37million 150ft superyacht as a Valentine’s present.

The incredible ship, named “Kiss”, was custom-built as a romantic gesture.

The wild gift follows the unveiling of designs for a man-made floating private island modelled after Monaco.

The huge 500ft megayacht is set to have a racing track, helipad, pools and a mini-submarine onboard.

F1 fans will be able to experience a thrill on a downscaled version of the famous grand prix circuit which can accommodate three karts side-by-side.

Meanwhile, the world’s fastest superyacht made waves ever since it was built back in 2014 – and it’s gone on to be worth a whopping £39million.

The stunning 174ft palace on the sea is named Alamshar – after the famous racehorse – and has multiple luxury decks trimmed with gold.

Sialia YachtsThe Sialia 80 is wrapped in a stunning diamond pattern[/caption]

Sialia YachtsThe electric yacht blends seamlessly into its surroundings[/caption]

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