Watch heartstopping moment Hamas terrorist fires RPG from window…before he is blown to hell by an Israeli airstrike

Watch heartstopping moment Hamas terrorist fires RPG from window…before he is blown to hell by an Israeli airstrike

DRAMATIC footage shows the moment a Hamas terrorist fired an RPG from a window before being crushed in an Israeli airstrike.

The IDF is continuing to blast Gaza in retaliation for the October 7 massacre – with more than a dozen Hamas militants killed in recent days.

Twitter / @IAFsiteFootage shows a Hamas militant aiming an RPG out of a window[/caption]

Twitter / @IAFsiteHe then fires it seconds later[/caption]

Twitter / @IAFsiteA second clip shows the building going up in flames after being blasted[/caption]

New footage shows a Hamas brute aiming an RPG out of a window before shooting.

A second clip then shows the building the terrorist was lurking in being blown up by Israeli forces from above.

As it is struck, the site erupts into a fireball – with flames and smoke filling the air.

The Israeli Air Force said: “During the last day, the Air Force completed two attack flights throughout the Gaza Strip as part of the assistance to the maneuvering forces.

“As part of the attacks, several underground infrastructures were destroyed alongside military buildings and launching positions of the terrorist organisation Hamas.”

It is reported at least 15 Hamas militants have been killed in the past few days – including those who took part in the October 7 massacre and a Hamas general security operative.

At least 1,200 were killed as 250 hostages were snatched when Hamas terrorists stormed over the border four months ago.

Since then, Israel has bombarded Gaza as they look to wipe out the terrorist group.

Today, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said any agreement between Israel and Hamas should secure a ceasefire and an Israeli military withdrawal from Gaza in addition to achieving a serious prisoner swap deal.

It comes as Israeli troops today entered the main hospital in southern Gaza in what the army said was an operation to recover the remains of hostages seized by Hamas.

One patient died and several were wounded when Nasser Hospital in the city of Khan Younis came under fire on Wednesday, Dr. Khaled Alserr, one of the remaining surgeons at the hospital, said.

Israel has accused Hamas of using hospitals and other civilian structures to shield its fighters.

The military said it had credible intelligence that Hamas had held hostages at the hospital, and that the bodies of hostages might still be inside.

Meanwhile, Israeli airstrikes in southern Lebanon on Wednesday killed 13 people just hours after a rocket attack killed an Israeli soldier.

It was the deadliest of daily exchanges along the border since the start of the war in Gaza.

Negotiations over a ceasefire in Gaza appear to have stalled, and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to continue to offensive until Hamas is destroyed and hostages freed.

Twitter / @IAFsiteSmoke could be seen billowing from the site after the airstrike[/caption]

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