I’m a pilot – I saw a giant UFO twice the size of a city while flying at 35,000ft before it vanished into the night

I’m a pilot – I saw a giant UFO twice the size of a city while flying at 35,000ft before it vanished into the night

A PILOT has claimed he saw a UFO “twice the size of a city” during a flight before it disappeared.

Captain, Arturo Saucedo, said his plane was plunged into total darkness in the sky before he noticed the “gigantic” spacecraft.

GettyThe pilot said he saw a giant UFO ‘twice the size of a city’ before it vanished[/caption]

Jam PressCaptain Arturo Saucedo made sensational claims on a podcast[/caption]

Jam PressSocial media users reacted to shocking claims, sharing their own encounters[/caption]

He was flying over the central Mexican state of Querétaro heading to Los Angeles, US, when he encountered a strange light in the sky.

He immediately thought it was human-made, possibly belonging to Elon Musk’s company SpaceX.

Mr Saucedo said: “Suddenly, we were plunged into total darkness with only the panels lit up.

“I then saw a beam of light that I first thought was something from Starlink as I had seen some images about Elon Musk’s company, basically a line of satellites that shine brightly in the sky.

“I said, ‘What is that?’ It looked very strange.”

The pilot said the object was so large it appeared twice the size of the city of Querétaro, which he could see lit up 35,000 feet below.

Saucedo said: “I should clarify that a UFO is not necessarily alien, it is an unidentified flying object.

“We are used to seeing things that are common to see, but this was not at all common.

“It was very strange because of the size.

“It was gigantic, it was something like twice the size of Querétaro.”

Saucedo and the flight captain reported the sighting but were told that there were no satellite launches taking place in the region that night.

Saucedo stated: “This kind of thing always causes a lot of controversy because you don’t believe it until you see it.”

He made the revelation during an interview on the podcast ‘It’s not against you, it’s against your point’ hosted by Armando Saucedo.

The pilot claimed he has photo evidence of the UFO encounter over Mexico, albeit he didn’t present them during the podcast.

However, he still isn’t convinced that the large craft was an alien.

He said: “I’d say it was human technology, some type of American technology that they didn’t report.

“When we first started to call it in, it started moving quickly to the right.”

He said it travelled to the Gulf of Mexico “in a minute, minute and a half” and disappeared from view.

The podcast listeners have shared their own experiences with the UFO, with some claiming they have seen the same eerie object in the skies before.

One follower said: “They are motherships that have three types of camouflage, are found all over the world, and are from different extraterrestrial races.”

Another one added: “I saw it on the way to Cancun at around 1am, a mothership, other ships came in and out of it, I couldn’t film it because the plane light was on, but wow.”

A third person wrote: “I saw that many years ago and no one believes me… I saw it in Arizona.”

Someone else remarked: “I know we are not alone in the universe.”

A listener commented: “It was an extraterrestrial mothership. People shouldn’t presume that we are the only ones in the universe.”

This comes not long after the Pentagon’s ex-UFO chief had made sensational claims he was gagged from revealing top secret information on alien life.

Sean Kirkpatrick, the former director of the US Department of Defence’s UFO task force, demanded a whole range of bombshell files be released so the public can truly see what is going on.

He said his bosses within the Pentagon stopped him speaking the truth to the public on multiple occasions, despite him having evidence to support his findings.

A month earlier, US politicians were summoned to a top-secret briefing following allegations that the government was hiding biological evidence of aliens.

The covert meeting was called after a former intelligence officer David Grusch publicly claimed that at least ten aliens were recovered from a craft that crashed on Earth.

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