Shock moment shirtless Brit passenger PUNCHES air steward in the face after ‘smashing up plane toilet’ on horror flight

Shock moment shirtless Brit passenger PUNCHES air steward in the face after ‘smashing up plane toilet’ on horror flight

THIS is the shocking moment a shirtless Brit passenger punches an air steward in the face after “smashing” up a plane toilet.

The unnamed brute, 35, was captured landing a lethal blow on the innocent member of cabin crew on a Thai Airways flight from Bangkok to Heathrow on February 7.

SWNSAir stewards attempted to calm the man down after he’d ‘smashed’ up the plane toilet[/caption]

SWNSOne of the stewards then fell to the floor in the aisle after being punched in the face by the brute[/caption]

SWNSLater footage showed fellow passengers trying to restrain the man in his seat[/caption]

Fellow flyers were left horrified at the man’s vile outburst but he was soon apprehended by brave passengers who managed to tie his hands together.

He was eventually arrested for GBH upon landing in London, police said.

An anonymous female passenger sitting just a few seats away managed to capture the ordeal on camera.

The video clearly shows the man trying to be calmed down by air stewards, before he turns around and punches one of them in the face.

The victim falls straight to the floor in the aisle as people scream in horror.

The unnamed passenger, 22, told the Daily Mail: “He was in the toilet and he started screaming and shouting. He started smashing the door and it came away from the hinges.

“An older guy – in the white t-shirt – tried to get him out. A fight broke out and he ended up smacking the flight attendant. I think he broke his nose.”

The woman then captured more video shortly after that shows the man being kept in his seat as he hurls out abuse.

Numerous passengers can be seen stood around the aggressor in an attempt to calm him down and keep him restrained.

The man can be heard accusing someone of “trying to kill him” before a woman demands for people to give him some space.

“Leave him alone, he’s vulnerable,” she screamed. “He’s got his hands tied up, is that not enough? Let him calm down.”

It was revealed that travellers were soon informed the flight may be diverted to Dubai as a result of the commotion, but would continue to London if no further incident happened.

The woman added: “Two passengers sat either side of him and kept pulling him down. We had to put up with his shouting. He was being very verbally abusive.

“It was rough. People were swapping seats and moving kids to the back of the plane. [Upon landing] the police came on and got him off.”

The Metropolitan Police confirmed officers responded to a report of an assault on board an inbound flight from Bangkok.

The force said: “We met the aircraft on arrival and a 35-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm and endangering an aircraft.

“He remains in custody.

“Another man was taken to hospital. His condition was assessed as not life-threatening.”

It comes after a Brit passenger was put in a chokehold by other flyers on a flight from London to New York after he allegedly got drunk and became abusive to cabin crew.

Footage showed the dramatic scenes on the JetBlue flight from Gatwick Airport to New York JFK last month.

And a Ryanair plane from the UK was forced to make an emergency landing following a group of mouthy and aggressive passengers.

The unruly brawlers allegedly pushed a steward into the toilet and harassed both passengers and “shaken” crew members until cops stormed on board and dragged one off in a headlock.

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