Inside creepy abandoned ghost town once home to hundreds – with church, a post office and school left to rot

Inside creepy abandoned ghost town once home to hundreds – with church, a post office and school left to rot

AN urban explorer has discovered an abandoned ghost town – with a church, a post office and several homes all left to rot.

Dave, known online as Freaktography, came across the eerie rural community and was shocked by what he found.

Jam Press/FreaktographyMan discovers entire abandoned town with church, post office and homes[/caption]

Jam Press/FreaktographyInside a beautiful Ukrainian church that was left to rot[/caption]

Jam Press/FreaktographyThe building door in the abandoned town left with its door open[/caption]

Jam Press/FreaktographyFootage from inside the school that’s falling apart in a dangerous condition[/caption]

Jam Press/FreaktographyBuildings located in Insinger included a post office, school and houses[/caption]

Wandering through the former town of Insinger in Saskatchewan, Canada, he was first struck by the forgotten church with a domed spire.

The facade of the building was covered in graffiti and it stood lonely in the middle of the overgrown village.

Inside the church, it sported a beautiful blue ceiling – although the colours likely faded with time.

Religious icons displaying artwork and golden crosses looked untouched but furniture and debris were strewn everywhere.

The town had only few buildings – most of which had their windows smashed.

The former school was left in a deplorable state with wooden structures rotting and collapsing.

Other houses were damaged and slowly falling apart as well, giving the whole town an eerie feeling.

The urban explorer, from Ontario, Canada shared the find on YouTube with his 88,500 followers.

He said: “There were a whole bunch of abandoned buildings just scattered around.

“There was a Ukrainian church that was very small.

“There was some graffiti, no windows, but it was so nice.

“There were a bunch of buildings, homes, and a little tiny post office.

“There was a school, not in very good shape – it was all falling apart so I couldn’t go in very far.”

In 2016, Insinger had a population of 315, according to the Census of Population, depleting from 805 in 1981.

Throughout Saskatchewan, there are 140 ghost towns, many becoming abandoned during the 20th century.

This was due to a population decline, caused by an economic shift, as well as an improvement of transportation to larger areas.

The followers lamented the town’s downfall, with many flooding to the comments.

One person wrote: “Saskatchewan has the most beautiful abandon churches.”

Another one added: “That’s so sad.”

A third person said: “It’s good to know that the town will be remembered on film. I would pronounce it “in-sing-er.

“My favorite town in SK was Herbert. Glad you didn’t attempt to enter that house.”

Someone else commented: “Nice church. Wonder why it’s a ghost town. School is dangerous. Sad sight to see Dave.”

Jam Press Vid/FreaktographyThe facade of the church is covered in graffiti[/caption]

Jam Press/FreaktographyThe trees, weed and plants have covered up the entrances to buildings[/caption]

Jam Press Vid/FreaktographyA former school was left in a deplorable state[/caption]

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