Mystery video shows glowing dots ‘flying’ in the night sky over Chinese city as locals fear ‘aliens attack the Earth’

Mystery video shows glowing dots ‘flying’ in the night sky over Chinese city as locals fear ‘aliens attack the Earth’

THIS baffling footage shows dozens of mysterious glowing dots flying over city buildings in the night sky.

The video filmed in China has worried residents if it was a sign of aliens coming to Earth.

Unidentified luminous objects appear in the night sky of Deyang, Sichuan, ChinaAsiaWire

They hovered around residential buildings and circled around moonlightAsiaWire

Another footage shows shining lights joining another train of dotsAsiaWire

The strange sight was captured above the streets of Deyang, in China’s south-western Sichuan Province.

One phone-filmed video, shared on Douyin – the Chinese version of TikTok – shows a train of shining lights floating above tall residential buildings.

The puzzling appearance, which some described as a “dragon gliding across the sky“, reportedly stretched for some 1,600 feet before vanishing into the night.

Another video – posted on the same day – shows the countless luminous dots hovering next to a building and circling around the moonlight.

After a while, they slowly dispersed and joined the long train apparently seen in the first clip.

The scene sparked much controversy on social media, with confused netizens trying to guess what they were seeing.

One user commented: “Run quickly, aliens are attacking the earth.”

Another one wrote: “[Could be a sign of] another explosion, or earthquake.”

While a third person said: “[They are] little insects flying under the light.”

This isn’t the first time mysterious flying objects have appeared in the sky.

Incredible footage shows mysterious “spinning UFO” lighting up the night sky over a city and stunning a crowd of people.

The alleged alien encounter took place in Tijuana, Baja CaliforniaMexico.

Another disturbing video was caught by a family in Quebec, Canada as they spotted a mysterious silver object that appeared to be on flames floating in the sky.

Their footage, taken in 2018, shows the unidentified object suspended high up in the sky.

It appears to be rotating, and even changed its shape at certain moments during the clip.

The object is seemingly lit up bright red and green, and at one point even appeared to be on fire.

In a shocking twist, an investigative filmmaker has claimed that a leaked video reveals a jellyfish-looking UFO hurtling in the skies over Iraq.

Jeremy Corbell said the secret footage was captured by the U.S. military in 2018 and troops were told to “hunt it down”.

The flying object can be seen switching colours from black to white as it glides over a military base.

According to the filmmaker, the eerie object allegedly went into the lake and stayed underwater for 17 minutes.

Then it came out and shot off to the sky at an angle of 45 degrees.

Meanwhile, amateur plane trackers seem to think they have captured a UFO floating over President Biden’s Air Force One on December 10, 2023.

The luminous objects disappeared into the night shortly afterAsiaWire

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