Shocking moment riots erupt in Hague with protesters torching cars as they clash with cops turning city into a warzone

Shocking moment riots erupt in Hague with protesters torching cars as they clash with cops turning city into a warzone

SHOCKING footage shows the moment Hague turned into a warzone when protesters clashed with police and torched cars.

Young rioters in hooded jackets and balaklavas were seen throwing bricks at police as they tried to break into the Opera Zalencentrum in the Netherlands.

ReutersA brawl broke out between two groups of Eritreans[/caption]

EPAPolice stand guard the Opera house after a violent clash[/caption]

RexA burning police car at the Opera hall center on the Fruitweg[/caption]

RexScorched remains of cars are scattered along the streets[/caption]

RexBurning vehicles at the Opera hall center on the Fruitweg[/caption]

The chaos ensued on the streets of Hague with police vans rushing to the scene.

In the aftermath of the violent clash, the opera building was left with smashed windows and nearby cars were on fire.

In a desperate bid to disperse the protesters, the police had used tear gas.

The brawl broke out between two groups of Eritreans on a Friday night.

The Hague Municipality spokesman Robin Middel said: “It got seriously out of hand.”

Supporters of Eritrean government were holding a meeting when the venue got attacked by Eritreans that strongly oppose it.

Netherlands-based journalist Owen O’Brien shared the footage, commenting: “Rioters break into an entrance at the #Opera.

“Windows are broken and attempts are made to enter.

“The fire brigade has also left again and cannot extinguish the fire.”

The streets were littered with glass shards and the smoke from the tear gas was visible rising into the sky.

The Hague’s mayor, Jan van Zanen, gave the green light for police to use tear gas, an official told the Netherlands Times.

A representative for the municipality of The Hague said that Mr. Van Zanen also issued an emergency order for the vicinity of Fruitweg.

Coppers’ cars were being attacked by bricks, bicycles and traffic signs.

The building’s entrance was blocked by officers wearing riot gear while they put out an internal fire.

They took something out of the property that looked like a fuel canister.

Police Unit The Hague posted on X: “At Fruitweg in DenHaag a confrontation between two groups of Eritreans resulted in a fight.

“Stones were thrown. We act with the riot police, among others, to restore public order.”

Another dramatic clip shows several scorched remains of cars scattered along the street as the firefighters attempt to put out the flames.

Kristianne van Blanken, a police spokesman, stated that she was unable to quickly confirm whether or not rioters had been detained or suffered injuries.

This is the latest in the series of clashes between Eritreans in Europe.

In September 2023, an unrest during Eritrean cultural festival in Germany has left dozens of people injured.

Months earlier, violent confrontation at another Eritrean festival in the western Germany resulted in injuries for 22 police officers.

Tens of thousands of Eritreans fled to Europe as they accused their government of mistreatment.

The conflicts underline the deep divisions between those who are loyal to the government and those who were forced to live in exile and oppose it.

EPAFirefighters try to put out burning police cars after a riot at the Opera hall center[/caption]

RexBurnt out HTM bus at the Opera hall center on the Fruitweg[/caption]

EPAThe rioters threw stones and bricks at police cars[/caption]

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