Shock video shows moment great white shark KILLS ITSELF in bloody frenzy after trying to break into diver’s cage

Shock video shows moment great white shark KILLS ITSELF in bloody frenzy after trying to break into diver’s cage

THIS was the horror moment a great white shark killed itself as it tried to break into a diver’s cage in a bloody frenzy.

Spine-chilling footage showed the beast furiously swimming towards the cage before its head snapped between the metal bars.

twitter/@Wild_XWThe giant shark tried to enter the metal cage[/caption]

twitter/@Wild_XWThe animal’s head snapped as horror footage captured its final moments alive[/caption]

twitter/@Wild_XWThe dead shark then sank to the bottom of the ocean[/caption]

Litres of blood tinted the ocean water red as the shark desperately wriggled to set itself free or into the cage before the final and fatal attempt.

The great white’s lifeless body was then seen slowly sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

The shocking clip on X/Twitter amassed more than 13 million views, with some users left horrified.

One wrote: “That’s terrible. I hope they fix the cage so sharks don’t get stuck like that again.”

“I feel like the bars shouldn’t have that big of a gap in them, for the people too not just the sharks,” another added.

A third user commented: “I feel bad for the shark, it was obviously struggling to just get free.

“Not to say i wish the people got eaten, but they’re the direct cause of a preventable death.”

It comes after a dramatic video surfaced of the terrifying moment a shark attacked a group of tourist divers in the Maldives.

The massive fish made a beeline for one diver before moving onto the next, smashing into each with its powerful head and snout.

A spearfishing guide from the Cayman Islands, Cameron Kirkconnell, shared the clip to his Instagram page as a reminder to his 126,000 followers to keep their wits about them while diving.

He captioned the video: “Maldives shark dive fun.

“I don’t want my insta to be full of these but this one was a great example of people put in a situation they thought was fine. It wasn’t.”

Mr Kirkconnell clarified that the video was not his own, but he was using it to call for a ban on tourists diving with sharks.

According to reports, the attack took place recently in the Maldives and involved divers who had little experience with sharks.

In the video, which was shared to Telegram by local news channel MvCrisis on February 3, the divers were reportedly filmed in the moments after attempting to free a shark tangled in a rope or net.

It is understood no one was badly injured.

Meanwhile, a “terminator” shark was seen thrashing in water after it has chomped a huge chunk from a man’s leg in shallow river.

Hitesh Govari didn’t notice the beast before he got attacked during his daily dip.

The 4ft long bull shark locked its jaws on the 34-year-old fishermen’s leg.

He managed to fight off the huge predator but then lost consciousness.

The horrifying attack happened after the shark supposedly entered shallow waters during high tide.

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