Everyone can see the hikers – but only those with 20/20 vision can find the hidden animals & objects in 12 seconds

Everyone can see the hikers – but only those with 20/20 vision can find the hidden animals & objects in 12 seconds

THIS baffling brainteaser has stumped even the most avid of puzzle fans.

Everyone can see the hikers, test your IQ and observation skills by trying to find the eight hidden objects in this picture.

Can you spot all eight of the hidden objects?

For those puzzle-heads among you, there’s an added catch: you have to try and find all eight objects within 12 seconds.

The sneaky objects hiding are:

A candle

An umbrella

A heart

A book

A bottle

A crocodile

A feather

A pear

And yes, there really is a crocodile in there.

So, grab a timer, set it to 12 seconds, and prove your puzzle-solving skills.

Although it may seem like an ordinary image, this is no easy feat and 99% of people give up.

Optical illusions are purposefully designed to trick our vision, and can be used as simple determiners of intelligence.

Optical illusions benefits

RESEARCHERS have developed many tests that show how various brain regions react to optical illusions.

They are not only entertaining, but they also shed light on how our brains interpret visual data.

By giving your brain a little workout on a regular basis, you enhance your ability to focus and observe details.

Studies have shown, people who regularly challenge themselves with optical illusions and puzzles see big improvements in their problem-solving skills, concentration and attention.

Improved concentration and attention span, in turn, can help prevent cognitive decline in older age.

Psychologists at The University of Glasgow found that staring at an optical illusion can improve eyesight by allowing you to see small print.

This puzzle is made particularly tricky through the lack of colours throughout the image.

The artistic detailing that has gone into this illusion offers the perfect camouflage for the objects, as your eyes find it hard to focus on any one object.

Have you found all eight of the images yet?

If you’d like some help, try breaking the image down into several sections. Then search each section slowly, one at a time.

Or, if you found this puzzle too easy, why not try some of our other brain teasers?

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If you couldn’t find the horses within the harshly allocated time of just nine seconds, don’t worry, we have the answer for you.

We’ve also added three bonus puzzles for you below.

Congratulations! You might just have the IQ of a genius if you found all eight

Can you find the six other horses hiding in this picture?

You definitely have 20/20 vision if you found all seven

Can you spot the sunshine hiding among the leaves in under 15 seconds?Rattan Direct

Rattan DirectWere you part of the minority that can see it?[/caption]

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Were you able to find it in less than five seconds?

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