Inside prudish Putin’s crackdown on flashers, raunchy parties and ‘debauchery’…despite his own love of going topless

Inside prudish Putin’s crackdown on flashers, raunchy parties and ‘debauchery’…despite his own love of going topless

VLADIMIR Putin has continued to exercise his power and control over Russia by cracking the whip on lewd and raunchy behaviour.

The former spy, 71, has overseen the hunt for numerous youngsters who have fallen into the trap of posting themselves committing what is deemed debauchery.

AFPVladimir Putin has cracked down on inappropriate behaviour in Russia – despite previously posting topless images of himself[/caption]

Just some of the victims of Russia’s crackdown on indecent images taken across the country

Yet despite his own love of going topless and flexing his impressive but steroid-infused physique, Putin has earned himself a “prudish” title for imposing an unprecedented new drive on traditional values.

From bizarre manhunts to forced public apologies, these are the people who have been made to pay for their actions.

Lolita Bogdanova

East2WestUkrainian OnlyFans star Lolita Bogdanova, 24, is on Russia’s most wanted list after a video of her flashing from three years ago resurfaced online[/caption]

East2WestRussia has since launched a bizarre worldwide hunt for the model[/caption]

The most recent case of Putin putting his foot down on crude behaviour involves Ukrainian OnlyFans model Lolita Bogdanova, 24.

Three years after she went topless in Moscow’s Red Square, Lolita – aka Lola Bunny – was put on the Kremlin’s international wanted list this week.

A bizarre manhunt has since been launched for the model after a video of her flashing her chest at the historic site re-surfaced amid the mad dictator’s apparent crackdown on debauchery.

Lolita has apologised for offending religious believers but said the footage had been filmed several years earlier, and was uploaded by someone else.

While she was not detained, she signed an agreement not to leave Russia pending a full investigation, although the model is now believed to be abroad.

Alena Agafonova

Alena Agafonova was arrested for filming herself disrespecting a war statue

East2WestFootage showed Alena handcuffed as she issued a humbling apology[/caption]

Alena Agafonova, 23, landed herself in hot water after posting a video beneath The Motherland Calls monument in Volgograd, southwest Russia, on Instagram last year.

In the video, which is now officially banned in Russia, Alena appears to “tickle” the famous war statue’s right breast.

She went into hiding in Sri Lanka soon after the film was made and was subsequently put on Russia’s wanted list following the incident.

Upon returning to the country earlier this month, Alena was detained for two months pending further investigations.

Footage showed Alena handcuffed as she issued a humbling apology for her act, but she still faces criminal prosecution in Volgograd and a sentence of up to five years.

Vlada and Vika

East2WestRussian influencers Vlada, 24, (L) and Vika, 19, (R) were hunted down by police for sharing a same-sex kiss on camera[/caption]

East2WestThe pair were forced to make a chilling apology[/caption]

Completing the trio of manhunts conducted by Russian authorities this month is the one for influencers Vlada Alchaeva, 24, and her friend Vika, 19.

The pair had taken to social media to post a clip of them sharing a kiss in a pizzeria in Krasnodar – a region close to a Russian war zone – before Vlada proposed to her pal.

But Russia’s strict homophobic laws, where it is illegal for individuals to “promote homosexuality” and same-sex couples, meant they were punished for their actions.

Vlada and Vika were soon hunted down and marched to the local police station where they were forced to make a chilling apology.

They were also told they could “harm the psyche” of children who saw them kiss each other, and now face a hefty fine.

Maxim Tesli

East2WestRussian performer, Maxim Tesli, was detained for wearing only a sock on his manhood at a concert[/caption]

East2WestThe Puppies band frontman was apprehended by cops as he tried to leave St Petersburg airport[/caption]

Russian man Maxim Tesli went viral after appearing at a concert wearing nothing but a sock over his manhood back in January.

Maxim, frontman of Puppies band, staged the bizarre act while performing in a club gig in St Petersburg.

The sock eventually fell during his performance, leaving the post-punk singer completely naked, however.

After leaving the club, Tesli rushed to the airport seeking to fly abroad by an indirect route but was quickly apprehended by cops.

He was caught at St Petersburg airport and faced a 15-day detention, before being charged with “petty hooliganism”, although a criminal case “looms in the future”.

Ksenia Sobchak

East2WestKsenia Sobchak at the ‘Almost Naked’ party in Moscow, Russia, 20 December 2023[/caption]

East2WestKsenia is famous for being Putin’s goddaughter[/caption]

Russian war fanatics were left enraged over a debaucherous, near-naked party staged in Moscow back in December.

Amongst the frowned upon members, most of which were Russian elites, was none other than Putin’s “goddaughter”, Ksenia Sobchak.

The TV anchor, 40, was a liberal Russian presidential candidate in 2018, is famous for being Putin’s goddaughter who attended her baptism and viewed her late father Anatoly Sobchak as his political mentor.

But a pregnant and braless Ksenia was pictured in a nude-coloured Sorelle outfit at the party, an image that sparked outrage with Russian troops.

Hitting back at haters, she said: “Maybe you don’t like to look at it all, but, sorry, where and when grown-ups go with a bare bum is their own business.

Ruslan Bobiev & Anastasia Chistova

Ruslan Bobiev and his girlfriend Anastasia Chistova staged an X-rated photoshoot near the Kremlin in 2021

Influencer couple Ruslan Bobiev, from Tajikistan, and his girlfriend Anastasia Chistova were handed prison sentences in October 2021 after staging an X-rated photoshoot in Moscow.

The pair caused outrage after a photo appeared with Anastasia wearing a police jacket and simulating a sex act as she crouched in front of Ruslev close to St Basil’s Cathedral.

The couple were initially arrested by the authorities for ten days and fined £51 – with the court also ordering Ruslan to be deported.

They were later charged with “insulting religious feelings” and became the first people to receive a prison sentence for such a crime.

Ruslan and Anastasia were then both sentenced to ten months in a penal colony.

Polina Murugina

Polina Morugina was threatened with up to one year in jail for this naked pictureEast2West

East2WestThe Russian streamer was caught around six months after the photo was taken[/caption]

Russian streamer Polina Murugina, 24, made a grave mistake when posing naked next to a church in Russia and uploading the photo to social media.

The influencer was threatened with jail for “insulting the religious feelings of believers” and faced a fine of up to £3,000 for violating the new indecency law.

Polina, who is tattooed from tip to toe, posed naked outside the Church of Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Moscow.

The picture was then only reported to police around six months after it was initially taken.

However, it once again highlighted the crackdown on people sharing racy posts next to churches or state buildings.

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