Moment mega-haul of Putin’s war weapons including ‘Terminator’ & T-72 tanks are BLOWN UP by a handful of kamikaze drones

Moment mega-haul of Putin’s war weapons including ‘Terminator’ & T-72 tanks are BLOWN UP by a handful of kamikaze drones

DRAMATIC footage appears to show the moment Putin’s war weapons were blown up by a handful of Kamikaze drones.

The Ukrainian military wreaked havoc on a Russian hanger, destroying sophisticated equipment from Putin’s war chest.

Kamikaze drone entering the Russian hangar

The drone hovering around the ‘Terminator’ tank before blowing it up

Moment fire rips through the hanger

Aerial footage of the strike

Footage shows the deadly Kamikaze drone entering the hanger and hovering around what appears to be the rare Russian BMPT “Terminator” tank before shredding it up into pieces.

It is supposed to be one of Russia’s most advanced weapons systems as Putin attempts to portray his armed forces as some of the strongest in the world.

The 53-ton, 23ft long, 1,000 horsepower behemoths are designed for fighting in cities as support tanks alongside the main armoured columns.

Bristling with supersonic anti-tank missiles which can hit targets nearly four miles away, two 30mm autocannons and grenade launchers – the Terminators appear to be fearsome weapons.

Another drone then attacks two T72 tanks before blitzing a sophisticated BMP-3 tank.

Massive fire can be seen ripping through the hangar as the kamikaze drones continue to destroy Russian weapons.

Ukrainian troops also claim to have blasted two C60 anti-aircraft guns, and military mobilisation trucks including Gazelle and Ural.

Russian Equipments blown up in the attack

BMPT “Terminator” Tank – Designed for supporting tanks and other AFVs in urban warfare.
BMP-3 Tank – One of the most heavily armed infantry combat vehicles in the Russian military capable of firing anti-tank guided missiles.
T72 Tank – Russian tank equipped with a 125 mm cannon and an anti-aircraft machine gun.
C60 installations and ZIL – Short- to medium-range, single-barrel anti-aircraft gun mounted on top of Russian ZIL truck.
Ural – General purpose off-road 6×6 vehicle used by the Russian troops
Gazelle – Military vehicle

The deadly Kamikaze drones were supplied by the US as part of a military package to Ukraine.

These sophisticated bits of military kit weigh 50lb and can fly 25 miles and “loiter” above a target for 40 minutes before striking them at 115mph.

The deadly suicide drones – which are operated by a tablet device and can be pre-programmed – have special armour-piercing warheads that can shred a tank to pieces.

Kamikaze drones weigh a light 5.5 pounds each, can fly about six miles and hover over a target for up to 15 minutes before spiralling down at a speed of 100mph.

Both Switchblades make prime killing tools for the Ukrainians because they are easy and don’t require a lot of training.

Russian war losses

It comes after Putin lost top commander Colonel Magomedali Magomedzhanov in a tragic loss for Russia.

He was wounded in a series of strikes on February 14 which hit a command post.

Magomedzhanov died later in hospital.

He was commander of the 61st Separate Kirkenes Red Banner Marine Brigade of the Northern Fleet, and deputy commander of Russia’s 18th army.

Sergei Melikov, head of the Dagestan region, where the commander was from, said: “He died while performing his military duty in the Special Military Operation zone.

Russia has been suffering immense blows in the war as Ukraine stands strong against Putin’s force.

On Valentine’s Day, Ukraine unleashed hellish strikes on Putin’s prized Black Sea Fleet as a “gift” to the Russian tyrant.

Dramatic footage showed a squad of Ukrainian special officers blasting one of the dictator’s warships – killing all on board and sinking the vessel.

The 369ft Caesar Kunikov was blitzed by drones – the 15th Russian warship to either be sunk or destroyed by Ukraine since war broke out.

Ukraine’s GUR military intelligence agency released footage of the daring strike – spearheaded by Group 13 special forces.

It shows the landing ship’s silhouette before it is blasted with an enormous explosion.

A clip from another sea drone then appears to show the mighty ship turned on its side in the Black Sea.

Ukraine’s military said it attacked the ship with naval drones called “Magura V5” – leaving it full of holes.

The huge vessel – one of Russia’s newest – was used by Putin’s armed forces to transport missiles and drones for attacks on Ukraine.

Kyiv has struck and sunk several large landing ships, including the most recent attack on the Novocherkassk, which left 33 sailors dead.

Russia’s naval losses

VLADIMIR Putin has been left red-faced by a series of naval losses during the Ukriane war.

February 2024 – Putin’s £55m Black Sea missile ship Ivanovets sinks

December 2023 – Novocherkassk landing ship destroyed

November 2023 – Putin’s newest missile ship Askold wrecked before setting sail

September 2023 – Feared Black Sea Fleet HQ blown up

September 2023 – Submarine Rostov-on-Don and Minsk landing shop attacked by missiles

August 2023 – Olenegorsky Gornyak landing ship seriously damaged

June 2022 – Naval tugboat Vasily Bekh blown up

May 2022 – Ukrainian drone wipes out Russian high-speed assault boat

April 2022 – Black Sea flagship Moskva sinks after attack

March 2022 – Russian Navy Alligator-class landing ship catches fire

March 2022 – Raptor-class patrol boats hit and damaged by missiles

The Switchblade 600 ‘Kamikaze’ drone

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