Fears missing TV presenter Jesse Baird was being ‘stalked by cop ex-lover’ as he vanishes with boyfriend Luke Davies

Fears missing TV presenter Jesse Baird was being ‘stalked by cop ex-lover’ as he vanishes with boyfriend Luke Davies

POLICE are probing a theory missing TV presenter was being stalked by cop ex-lover after he disappeared with his partner.

A frantic search for former Aussie TV host Jesse Baird, 26, and his boyfriend Luke Davies, 29, is underway after their bloody clothes were discovered in a skip.

instagram/@jessebairddd/Police are searching for TV presenter Jesse Baird (c) and his partner[/caption]

InstagramDavies (L) and Baird (R) were last seen on Monday[/caption]

7newsThe police discovered the men’s bloody belongings in a skip bin[/caption]

CCTV shows Baird and Davies near the TV star’s home in Paddington

Cops are urgently searching for the couple – who were last seen in Paddington, a suburb of Sydney, on Monday.

CCTV shows Baird and Davies near his Paddington home – with a white van also seen in the footage being probed by cops.

Police found blood-covered clothes belonging to Davies and Baird on a Wednesday morning.

At this stage, it is unknown who the blood belongs to.

But a phone, keys and credit cards were also among belongings discovered in the skip bin – 18 miles away from Baird’s home.

Police searched Baird’s home in Paddington and found a “large amount of blood” and blood-stained furniture.

There were also “signs of a struggle” as furniture had been moved around.

The amount of blood has led the officers to believe that at least one had suffered “a significant injury”.

Upon entering Baird’s property, the officers immediately established a crime scene.

Detectives are treating the couple’s disappearance as suspicious after Davies’ home in Waterloo was also found to be empty.

The police now believe a third person could be involved in the case after speaking with the families on Thursday.

They learnt that a current police officer, Beau Lamarre, once dated Baird.

The TV star feared he was being stalked, his friends have claimed.

An unnamed friend told the Daily Telegraph: “I’m so scared for his wellbeing.

“He used the word stalker.”

The relatives have told the police that their break-up was “bitter”.

The investigators are looking to speak to the officer but have been unable to locate him.

It is understood that Lamarre has taken sick leave this week.

Police statement read: ” Following inquiries, detectives are looking at a line of inquiry that a third person may be able to assist with the investigation.

“Police are currently trying to locate him.

“Detectives will continue to look at all past relationships and associations.”

Baird’s neighbours heard arguments on early Monday morning but didn’t report it until police began canvassing the scene two days later.

The police now fear for both of men as their family is unable to reach them.

Detective Superintendent Jodi Radmore said: “There has been some sort of incident which has more than likely happened at the Paddington address and that has given us grave concerns for one, possibly both.

“It’s very early stages in the investigation. We are still processing the Paddington address. All lines of enquiry are open.”

Three cars belonging to the men have been seized.

Their credit cards haven’t been used since the weekend and were discovered in the skip.

The forensic experts have scoured through the crime scene today.

The police were seen taking furniture from the home, including a cabinet that appears to have blood pecks on it.

Friends have reported last seeing Baird on Tuesday and he appeared “fine”.

Davies has not been at work since Monday and his family have not spoken to him since then.

CCTV shows a white van near Baird’s home which police are probing in the case

instagram/@jessebairddd/Baird is a former Channel Ten red carpet reporter, producer and presenter[/caption]

instagram/@jessebairddd/He reported from the red carpet for Channel 10[/caption]

instagram/@jessebairddd/Jesse pictured with the band Hanson[/caption]

Davies also updated his social media account a day before the disappearance with a series of pictures of him in Vancouver, Canada.

Public has been urged to contact the police if they have any information about the men’s disappearance.

Baird worked at Network Ten and Studio 10 as a presenter and a red carpet reporter for seven years.

He left Studio 10 in January after his show was axed by the network late last year.

Stacey Thompson, who worked with Baird on children’s show Totally Wild, told DailyMail: ” I’m shocked actually.

“I worked with Jesse for a few years and we sat across from one another in the TW office.

‘He was a lovely work friend, always professional and keen to learn. I prefer not to comment further at this time, until more details come to light.”

Davies has worked as a flight attendant with Qantas after recently moving from Brisbane to Sydney.

The company has issued a statement, offering support to Davies’ colleagues who were close to him.

They wrote: “Our thoughts are with family, friends and colleagues of our crew member at this very difficult time.”

Davies’ coworker, Maddison Bradley, told DailyMail: ” hope we find him. He is such a sweet soul!”

The couple have been dating for “a few months”, according to Davies’ friend, Sophie Inez.

She said: “I spoke to Luke just before he moved from Brisbane to Sydney with work a few months ago.

“He was so excited for his next chapter and flying long haul. He’s such a lovely and charismatic person.”

Davies long-time friend, Tomas Mian, said his friends from back home were shaken to learn the news.

“Luke has a lot of friends and is very fun social person. He is a kind and generous boy.

“He seemed to love his new job. All of his Brisbane friends are in utter shock to only find this out today,” he said.

PoliceDavies recently moved from Brisbane to Sydney to work as a flight attendant at Qantas[/caption]

Jesse and Luke pictured at the beach

InstagramThe pair have been dating for a few months, according to friends[/caption]

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