Ukraine wipes out dozens MORE of Putin’s troops with two huge HIMARS strikes in second mass bloodletting in just 2 days

Ukraine wipes out dozens MORE of Putin’s troops with two huge HIMARS strikes in second mass bloodletting in just 2 days

UKRAINE has wiped out dozens more Russian troops in two devastatingly deadly pinpoint HIMARS strikes on their training grounds.

Only yesterday, Vladimir Putin suffered one of his worst blows of the war when the bunker-busting US-made missiles reportedly wiped out 65 soldiers as they lined up for a parade.

x/@visegrad24The moment the HIMARS missile strike slams into the Russian squaddies, killing dozens[/caption]

x/@visegrad24A second hit on Putin’s troops as the march over a hill[/caption]

x/@visegrad24The video shows the horrifying carnage in the aftermath of the strike[/caption]

In harrowing clarity, a video released by Ukraine today showed how the missiles slammed into the undefended squaddies as they rehearsed war games in the occupied Kherson region.

The target lines up on the sitting ducks before striking them with precision, leaving bodies littered all over the brown terrain.

In a second grisly video – reportedly from the same Russian military base inside Ukraine – a HIMARS missile again hit another large gathering of exposed troops as they marched over a hill.

The exact number of casualties is unknown, but the clips reveal dozens of unmoving bodies strewn across the floor, while others are seen wounded or running for cover.

And on Wednesday, just as Putin boasted the “absolute success” of his military operation, his soldiers were killed en masse in a huge HIMARS missile blitz near to the front line in Ukraine.

Grim pictures in its aftermath showed masses of bodies littered on the ground of the military training in Trudivske in the Russian-occupied Donetsk region.

The fallen soldiers were part of the 4th, 5th and 6th companies of the 36th Guards Motorised Rifle Brigade.

Ukraine appeared to have intelligence about the gathering led by Major-General Moiseev, commander of the 29th Army of the Eastern Military District and a hero of pro-Putin propagandists. 

The triple-headed strike is reported by Russian sources to have struck the target just moments before Moiseev reached the spot.

Russian telegram channels hit out at the major-general for forcing his troops to parade themselves in a warzone to “simply show your importance”.

War reporter Andrey Rudenko sarcastically stated: “There is a very high probability of receiving a HIMARS MLRS rocket in what is called your head.”

Prominent pro-Kremlin politician Vladimir Rogov hit out at the “criminal practice” of parading soldiers in front of commanders in “missile-ridden terrain”.

Putin suffered a further setback yesterday after Ukraine claimed to have shot down another Russian Su-34 fighter jet – the seventh enemy warplane in a week. 

The costly blunder came as Putin sought to bask in the glory of his troops’ minor advance in Avdiivka, following a tactical retreat by the Ukrainian army. 

The dictator told his defence minister Sergei Shoigu: “As for the overall situation in Avdiivka, this is an absolute success.

“I congratulate you. It needs to be built on.”

It comes as Putin declared war on Britain’s fish and chip shops after tearing up a treaty allowing UK trawlers to catch Russian cod.

The scheming Russian tyrant is understood to have personally made the decision to banish the agreement signed almost 70 years ago.

His compliant parliament ended an agreement signed by the Soviet Union allowing British vessels to fish in the Barents Sea. 

The 71-year-old dictator’s warships could now be used against any trawlers seeking to catch cod on Putin’s doorstep. 

In Moscow, the ploy is seen as a masterstroke personally decreed by Putin, hitting the Brits where it hurts.

East2WestAt least 65 Russian soldiers were killed by a US-made missile on Wednesday[/caption]

East2WestMajor-General Oleg Moiseev has forced his troops to line up in formation before the first major HIMARS strike yesterday[/caption]

East2WestHorrifying images show bodies strewn across the floor[/caption]

The HIMARS triple strike reportedly hit the target yesterday moments before the major general reached the gathering spot

FIVE of Putin’s biggest war disasters

SINCE Putin launched his bloody invasion of Ukraine, the warmonger has suffered several humiliating defeats.

Sinking of the Moskva
Russian Black Sea flagship Moskva sunk on April 14, 2022 after it was struck with a barrage of Ukrainian missiles.

The Moskva had taken on legendary status among Ukraine’s defenders after a band of outgunned border guards said “Russian warship, go f*** yourself!” when it ordered them to surrender.

Wagner Coup
Wagner boss Prigozhin led an armed rebellion with the stated aim to oust Russia’s military leaders as he vowed to march on Moscow

Within hours of a 400-vehicle convoy rolling onto Russian soil from Ukraine, Wagner troops seized control of Russia’s regional military HQ in Rostov-on-Don.

Crimean Bridge Blast
At least two were killed and one injured after Vladimir Putin’s beloved £3billion Crimea Bridge was rocked by massive explosions.

Two suicide sea drones brought down parts of the bridge on July 17, 2023 as hordes of motorists travelled across it.

Liberation of Kherson
Russian forces were forced out of Kherson, a gateway to annexed Crimea and the largest city annexed in September, 2022.

It marked one of Russia’s most significant retreats since the start of the war and a potential turning point in the conflict that has raged since late February.

Battle of Kharkiv
In May, 2022 Ukraine declared victory in the Battle of Kharkiv, driving Putin’s forces back from the country’s second city.

In total, Russia lost more than 70 tanks, trucks and armoured cars in four days of attempts to cross the Donets river.

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