I got drunk & fell down a sewer after my wife kicked me out – but I liked it so much down there I’ve stayed for 15 years

I got drunk & fell down a sewer after my wife kicked me out – but I liked it so much down there I’ve stayed for 15 years

A HEARTBROKEN man fell down a sewer after getting dumped by his wife – but he liked it so much he lived there for 15 years.

After a few drinks, Russian man Alexander slept underground to escape the cold only to discover his new singleton home.

NewsflashAlexander lived in a sewer for 15 years after his wife filed for divorce[/caption]

NewsflashThe Russian man discovered his new home after needing some shelter to escape the cold[/caption]

Alexander climbed down a manhole shaft into the sewer in Tolyatti, in Samara Oblast, after being made homeless with his divorce.

He survived on what he could beg from locals before he was spotted by Russian blogger Anton Gletcherov.

When running into Alexander, the blogger said there was no smell of alcohol but his speech was sluggish, most likely due to a stroke.

Fascinated by the man’s sad story, Gletcherov went on an investigation to find out more about Alexander’s family.

That’s when the blogger discovered the divorcee had close relatives still alive in Togliatti, Ulyanovsk, and even Moscow.

They thought Alexander had died 15 years ago and promised to come and collect Alexander but then never turned up, and no longer answered calls.

Gletcherov is now trying to find Alexander a place in a homeless shelter.

Alexander, whose age was not revealed, said that he was ready to work in order to live in normal housing.

It comes after a man shared how he decided to live in a cave and not spend a single penny after he got sick of paying rent.

Daniel Shellabarger also known as Suelo has managed to live for 16 years without using any type of currency but a tragic change in his life made him return to cash. 

It was in 2009 when Daniel got the drastic decision of abandoning all of his possessions and went to live in a cave near Moab in Utah.

He led a frugal but perfectly happy life, living off the food he would find in the city’s rubbish bins, roadkill and vegetables growing around his new home.

But in 2016, he had to leave back his peaceful cave and return home to look after his parents.

Daniel appeared in an episode of Only Human and explained his reasons behind his decision to give up money.

He said: “I’ve actually been sleeping in caves longer than I’ve lived without money probably since the mid-90s.

“When I had a respectable job in town I decided I didn’t want to pay anymore and live outdoors.”

He continues the tour of his cave showing where his makeshift bed is- a cardboard box and a blanket.

Showing his “kitchen”, he explains that he eats food he finds in the rubbish because “so much getting thrown away” and insists he has never gotten sick from something he fished out of a rubbish bin.

Daniel claims he has not used or accepted any money throughout that period nor did he get any food stamps or government funding.

Although he admits he initially struggled, he eventually discovered he’s happier without money.

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