Inside world’s only 24-karat GOLD superyacht AK Royalty complete with shiny jet-skis, DJ booth & costs £100,000 a week

Inside world’s only 24-karat GOLD superyacht AK Royalty complete with shiny jet-skis, DJ booth & costs £100,000 a week

ALL that glitters is gold with the world’s only 24-karat gold covered superyacht AK Royalty which costs £100,000 a week.

The ostentatious 136ft boat boasts shiny jet-skis, Jacuzzi and a DJ booth to keep the party going.

World’s only 24-karat gold covered sports yacht costs £100,000 a week

A six-person Jacuzzi onboard for the ultimate relaxation

Even jet-ski and underwater scooters are covered in gold

The dining rooms can seat ten guests and has silver tiger statues

Owned by a tech multimillionaire, Aaron Fidler, the beautiful golden yacht is equipped with plenty of perks to keep the guests entertained.

The yacht owner doesn’t shy away from flaunting his wealth as even the jet-ski and seabobs – diving scooters – are covered in gold.

The boat has been given a Midas’ touch with a 24-karat gold dust.

“It took time, money, and energy getting the mix of 24-karat-gold dust and marine paint just right so that it glints under the sun’s reflection,” Fidler says.

But the extravagant exterior isn’t the only proof of the yacht’s regal status.

It is as impressive and lavish on the inside as it is on the outside.

The monochromatic black and white design features Fendi carpets and pillows, endless mirrors and silver tiger statues in almost every room.

The yacht also has bedrooms fit for royalty with an owner’s master room and four comfortable and spacious guest suites which can accommodate up to 12 people.

The master bedroom has a private bathroom dressed in marble and golden fittings with a sauna, a steam shower and a bathtub.

The guests have plenty of space to socialise – with a small bar, BBQ area, outdoor and indoor dining rooms.

It is impossible to get bored onboard as the yacht sports a 12-person inflatable trampoline, a water slide, and two underwater scooters.

With professional fisherman and dive instructor on the crew, the guests are guaranteed to have the best time on an action-packed boat.

From water skiing to paddle-boarding and even swimming in anti-jellyfish inflatable pool, the AK royalty offers a vacation to remember.

Equipped with an outdoor gym area paired with boxing equipment and massage table, the boat is excellent for both sea lovers who want to relax or stay active on holiday.

And if you want to take a break from waters sports and exercise, the calm evenings can be spent watching a movie in an open cinema or unwinding in a six-person Jacuzzi.

World’s biggest superyachts

THE seas are graced by dozens of luxurious superyachts – but these are the biggest five in the world:

Somnio – in construction 

Size – 728ft

Cost – £425m

Top speed – 20 knots

Bedrooms – 39


Size – 600ft

Cost – £253m

Top speed – 17 knots

Bedrooms – 18


Size – 597ft

Cost – £447m

Top speed – 30 knots

Bedrooms – 18

Fulk Al Salamah

Size – 538ft

Cost – £394m

Top speed – 22 knots

Bedrooms – Unclear


Size – 534ft

Cost – £552m

Top speed – 21 knots

Bedrooms – 17

Meanwhile, for a nighttime entertainment, the yacht boasts a DJ booth with the state-of-the-art AV sound system and new speakers.

The AK Royalty can soar across the water with a speed of 33 knots or 38 mph.

“I don’t like traveling slow, so I tell the captain to go everywhere at warp speed,” says the owner.

The AK Royalty is available for winter and summer charters with Burgess in the Arabian Gulf from £100,000 a week.

The Fendi-inspired monochromatic interior design

The yacht sports a water slide, a trampoline and jelly-fish free pool

The DJ booth has state-of-the-art sound system and speakers

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