I work for two weeks straight in a filthy job no one wants before I get a day off…but I’m a cool £3,000 richer after it

I work for two weeks straight in a filthy job no one wants before I get a day off…but I’m a cool £3,000 richer after it

A WORKER has revealed how he works an unpopular job no one wants in order to rake in the cash.

Paul is a fly-in-fly out worker (FIFO) who can make £3,000 in just two weeks – but there is one catch.

TikTok/@PaulonsiteA fly-in-fly-out worker revealed his salary and what his job involves[/caption]

TikTok/@PaulonsiteThe hourly rate is $35 to $39 (£27 to £30)[/caption]

A FIFO worker is someone who is flown out to a remote location to carry out a job by their employer.

Although workers can make a killing the job requires hard labour and weeks on end spent away from home without a holiday.

One fly-in-fly out worker who goes by @Paulonsite on TikTok – took to the platform to share his experience in the industry.

Paul is an onshore miner in Perth who is taking the internet by storm.

A recent video that revealed how much he makes raked in a whopping 11,000 views.

And although he makes a pretty penny it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

He revealed: “For 14 days on site there are no days of when you’re on site.”

But then added that his hourly rate is £30, and £30 per 12 hour shift amounts to a staggering £368 per day.

Although Paul seems happy with his career choice some video viewers seemed less than convinced.

One wrote: “I’m quite happy earning over 2k a week and getting to be home with my family.

“Seems like a massive sacrifice working FIFO.”

Another said: “can make that in Perth doing any skilled trade and have a family life.”

But some seemed taken by the video and were curious to learn more about the career.

“Can you give me a link to a website? I wanna go I’m a construction worker from Canada,” asked one.

And someone else said: “Hi how can I apply? I am on 3 months vacation right now.”

It comes as one woman revealed what life is like on one of the world’s most luxurious oil rigs.

Shams Albayati, 27, has worked on oil rigs with sunbeds, massage chairs, indoor pools and even racing simulators.

Shams works as an engineer on oil rigs across the globe and her job is to fix and maintain “huge equipment”.

Although she admits the job is “not easy” spending weeks away from home, she says “it’s worth it”.

Working a FIFO job

Fly-in-fly-out jobs have been rapidly gaining in popularity in the recent years with videos of what the job entails racking up millions of views online.

FIFO jobs are most common in large mining regions in Australia and Canada.

What is a FIFO job?

FIFO stands for fly-in fly-out and means an employer will fly workers out to a remote site where they will work for a certain time before coming back for a rest period.

This is a way around relocating the employee – and sometimes their families – to an area with limited resources on a permanent basis.

What types of job are FIFO?

The most common FIFO jobs are ones that involve hard manual labour.

This includes oil rig workers, miners, electricians, medics drivers and many more.

How much do FIFO workers get paid?

One of the reasons this career path is popular is because it gives employees the chance to make a huge wad of cash in a short time period.

Although there is some variation in what FIFO workers get paid the average salary is roughly £86,600 per year (£44 per hour) with more experienced workers earning up to £130,000 per year (£62.50 per hour)

TikTok/@PaulonsiteThere are no days off for two weeks once one site and the shifts last 12 hours[/caption]

TikTok/@PaulonsiteWorking long hours means its possible to make a large sum of money[/caption]

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