Moment Ukrainian kamikaze drone teases Putin soldier making futile attempt to flee on foot…before going in for the kill

Moment Ukrainian kamikaze drone teases Putin soldier making futile attempt to flee on foot…before going in for the kill

THE last desperate moments of a Russian soldier’s life were caught on camera as he pointlessly tried to flee a Ukrainian kamikaze drone on foot.

The pitiful footage shows the lethal attack drone closely tailing the troop and teasing him before it finally went in for the kill.

Twitter/@Getty776The Russian soldier runs for his life on foot away from the Ukrainian UAV[/caption]

Twitter/@Getty776The kamikaze drone appears to be teasing him as it slowly edges closer[/caption]

Twitter/@Getty776Just as the squaddie turns around to check how close the drone is, it goes in for the kill[/caption]

Twitter/@Getty776It explodes next to the troop, killing him[/caption]

At the end of the footage – captured in an unknown area somewhere along Ukraine’s 600-mile-long front – a sudden explosion fills the screen.

Once the smoke and dust settles, the soldier’s lifeless body is seen lying on the battlefield.

Neither side publicises their losses, but Kyiv estimates that Russian casualties have now passed 400,000, while analysts believe the ratios of Russian losses to Ukrainian sit anywhere between 3:1 to 5:1.

Ukraine has been working to increase its domestic weapons production since the start of the war with inventive DIY drones playing a central role in its battlefield attacks.

In his end-of-year address, Volodymyr Zelensky vowed to produce one million drones in 2024. “We will do everything to make it so,” he promised.

Earlier this month, footage captured the moment that a £1million Russian T-72 tank was destroyed in a Ukrainian pinpoint drone strike.

Ukraine has made a habit of using inexpensive homemade drones to humiliate Vlad by destroying multi-million pound tanks on the battlefield or warships in the Black Sea – and capture each hit on camera.

Last month, onboard drone footage revealed the moment that a £3.2million tank was completely vaporised by a Ukrainian kamikaze drone on the battlefield.

The lethal, but cheap UAV tails the T-80BVM battle tank in the frozen fields around the eastern Ukrainian city of Avdiivka before hitting it dead on, tearing it apart in a fiery mess.

For all of the model’s advanced weaponry, armour and state-of-the-art anti-drone jamming system it was no match for the £400 Ukrainian UAV.

Since the start of the war, Kyiv estimates that Moscow has lost 6,060 tanks and 11,254 armoured combat vehicles – many to homemade Ukrainian drones.

It comes as over the weekend, Russia’s war in Ukraine grinded into its third bloody year.

However, last week just as Putin boasted the “absolute success” of his military, he suffered one of his largest single blows of the war.

Ukraine launched a triple HIMARS missile strike that wiped out 65 Russian soldiers as they lined up for a parade.

The troops were killed en masse by the US-made missiles after a general told them to get into formation in the Russian-occupied Donetsk region.

Only a day after, Ukraine wiped out dozens more soldiers in two further HIMARS strikes on other training grounds in the occupied Kherson region.

In harrowing clarity, a video released by Ukraine showed how the missiles slammed into the undefended squaddies as they rehearsed war games.

The three devastatingly deadly pinpoint strikes exposed how unprotected and exposed Putin’s troops were despite being achingly close to the front line.

Left as sitting ducks, the strikes left bodies scattered all over the frozen terrain with the exact number of casualties unknown.

Meanwhile, The Sun has told of how a former world champion boxer nicknamed “The Razor” has turned his skilful hands to fight against Putin’s forces.

But the former light middleweight king Serhiy Dzinziruk, 47, said that shooting Russians dead is a much easier task than any fight he ever faced in the ring.

We also revealed the message a Ukrainian mum – who was shot in the head by Russian soldiers but survived and went on to model for Playboy – has for Putin.

Iryna Bilotserkovets lost an eye and had to undergo reconstructive surgery as she survived Russia’s brutal assault on Kyiv.

Speaking to The Sun, she said that Putin “has crossed all acceptable boundaries”.

“Leaders of other countries shake hands with Putin, forgetting that this is a killer who has been waging a cold-blooded war for eight years,” the model added.

The moment a HIMARS missile strike slammed into Russian squaddies as they trained, killing dozens

The video shows the horrifying carnage in the aftermath of the strike

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