Aussie TV host Jesse Baird ‘saw shadowy figure at the end of his bed’ six months before he & boyfriend found ‘murdered’

Aussie TV host Jesse Baird ‘saw shadowy figure at the end of his bed’ six months before he & boyfriend found ‘murdered’

AUSSIE TV host Jesse Baird reportedly woke up to find a shadowy figure at the end of his bed six months before his alleged murder.

The former presenter, 26, and boyfriend Luke Davies, 29, are believed to have been shot dead by serving policeman Beau Lamarre-Condon on February 19.

InstagramTwo bodies have been found in the search for Jesse Baird (right) and Luke Davies (left)[/caption]

EPAPolice seen searching a rural property in Bungonia, two hours outside of Sydney, where the remains were found[/caption]

Supplied/Liam MendesServing Senior Constable Beau Lamarre-Condon has been charged with two counts of murder[/caption]

Police today said they located what they believe to be the remains of Baird and Davies stuffed inside two surf bags at a remote site in Bungonia, 160km south of Sydney.

Beau Lamarre-Condon, 28, who previously dated Baird, handed himself into cops on Friday and had been charged with two counts of murder.

The accused killer had been refusing to cooperate with police but finally revealed where he left the couple’s bodies.

However, a further disturbing update to the case came today.

Baird allegedly told his friends that he woke up one night last year – around six months ago – to see a gloomy figure near his bed, 9 News reported.

It is understood that the former Channel Ten presenter did not report the chilling incident to police.

Cops believe that Baird and Senior Constable Lamarre-Condon were still seeing each other at the time it took place.

NSW Police Force Assistant Commissioner Dave Hudson said.”There has been activity reported at that house which, in hindsight, appears suspicious.

“However at that stage in August last year, my understanding is they were still in some form of a relationship.”

Police have been searching for Baird and Davies round-the-clock since last Monday when multiple gunshots were heard at Baird’s property in Sydney’s suburbs.

Blood-covered clothes were found in a bin and a bullet cartridge was found at the scene.

Police now believe they have retrieved their debris-covered remains from a second property in rural Bungonia near Goulburn – more than 180km from where the pair were allegedly killed in Paddington.

Cops found the remains in two surfboard bags along with “other items of interest”.

Investigators allege that Lamarre-Condon killed the new couple at Baird’s shared house using his force-issued handgun after his relationship with the TV host “did not end well”.

They also allege that the accused killer then hired a white van to dispose of their bodies.

“Today … at that location, we believe we have located two bodies,” the NSW police commissioner, Karen Webb, told reporters.

“The families have been notified. We are very confident we have located Luke and Jesse.”

She added: “Each day, each hour was an agonising wait. So I’m relieved for the families… That’s what parents want – they want to know where their children are.”

Detective Superintendent Daniel Doherty said: “An attempt appears to have been made to cover the bodies with rock and debris.”

The bodies were found “near the entrance to the [Bungonia] property” – 20 minutes from the original search location, DS Doherty added.

Baird’s family were pictured today looking sombre and hiding their faces as they arrived at the crime scene in two cars.

His devastated loved ones spent half an hour at the site where the remains were found.

Lamarre-Condon will remain in custody until he next appears in court on April 23, while police continue their investigation.

Baird’s haunting final Instagram post before his death showed him and Davies posing as a happy couple at a gig just days before their alleged double murder.

The grinning young pair were dressed in coordinated pink outfits at Pink’s Summer Carnival Tour in Sydney.

Baird also posted a video showing him dancing in the rain and singing.

Heartbroken friends of Baird have now shared tributes to the former presenter in the comments below what became his final post.

One said: “My heart is broken. Such a talented, kind, smart, funny, positive, intuitive person who changed my life the day you contacted me to appear on studio ten.

“I am so sorry to hear the devastating news.”

Another wrote: “This is so devastating. My love goes out to all the loved ones of these two. Breaks my heart.”

InstagramPolice allege that former TV host Baird and his accused killer were in a relationship that ‘did not end well’[/caption]

InstagramBaird’s final post showed him dancing with Davies at a Pink concert[/caption]

He shared a video of him dancing and singing in the rain just days before his alleged murder

AlamyPolice search the remote property where two bodies were found ‘stuffed in surf bags’[/caption]

AlamyThe relatives of Baird and Davies were pictured arriving at the crime scene[/caption]

AlamyTheir loved ones looked sombre[/caption]

AFPThe alleged double murder has rocked Australia[/caption]

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