TikTok stars ‘Los Petazetaz’ ARRESTED in Spain for ‘drugging and raping underage girls and filming abuse’

TikTok stars ‘Los Petazetaz’ ARRESTED in Spain for ‘drugging and raping underage girls and filming abuse’

TIKTOK stars Los Petazetaz have been arrested in Spain for allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting underage girls.

The pair, identified as Jose Hernan AG also known as HernyCool and “Ivancete” are also accused of filming the abuse.

instagramThe two influencers were arrested after a tip-off to the cops[/caption]

Spanish cops launched a probe after being tipped off about the duo who allegedly drugged their victims- including with the date rape drug GHB- leaving them incapacitated.

The complainant described the alleged aggressors, who have thousands of fans on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram, as famous influencers.

The number of alleged sex assault victims currently stands at five but police sources said last night they believed that figure could rise following analysis of cameras seized during searches.

Only one of the men held said to be part of a duo called Los Petazetaz with nearly 43,000 followers on Instagram alone, has been identified in local press.

He has been named locally as 30-year-old Madrid-based Jose Hernan Almena who calls himself HernyCool.

Well-placed sources said today the alleged sex attacks said to have been filmed by the men were not posted online.

The man identified as Hernan Almena was remanded in prison pending an ongoing criminal probe after appearing before a judge.

Unconfirmed reports early today said he could now be on conditional bail after being released following his recent appearance in court.

The second suspect, who used the nickname Ivancete according to one local report, was released on bail.

A spokesman for Spain’s National Police said: “National Police officers have arrested two men on suspicion of sexually attacking and filming minors.

“The arrested, one of whom was remanded in prison, have thousands of followers on social media, which enabled them to get close to girls who felt attracted by their popularity.

“They took the young girls to the home of one of the detainees where they allegedly carried out games with drugs until they managed to annul their will.

“They then allegedly used their mobiles and security cameras installed in the property to carry out the sex attacks.”

Saying police did not believe any of the alleged assaults had been published online, the spokesman added: “The investigation has been led by a specialist family and women’s assistance unit called UFAM and began in December last year.

“The initial complaint received pointed to the fact sexual abuse of minors could be taking place at a residential property in the Madrid neighbourhood of Villa de Vallecas.

“That complaint said the suspects could be two men with many internet followers in different digital platforms.

“Police managed to identify four possible victims, all minors, during the investigation.

“Those alleged victims said they accessed the home of one of the detainees attracted by their fame on social media.

“They said that once inside that man and his business partner began to consume different drugs they invited them to consume.

“When the minors were under the effects of the drugs, the suspects allegedly took advantage of the state they were in to sexually assault them and film what they were doing, without the minors being conscious of what was happening.”

The minors, girls aged 14 and 15 who according to local reports could have consumed date rape drug GBH, are said to have had difficulties remembering what had happened in the flat.

The fifth alleged victim was in the property raided by police when the arrests took place.

The police spokesman said the YouTuber remanded in prison is being investigated on suspicion of two sex assaults, a rape, exhibitionism and child pornography as well as drug-related crimes.

The other man who has been released on bail and has not been named by Spanish press is being probed on suspicion of a crime of sexual assault.

Their social media accounts were mostly still up-and-running yesterday, although their TikTok account appeared to have been taken down.

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