Terrifying video shows inside helicopter as it spirals out of control & passengers say goodbye to their families

Terrifying video shows inside helicopter as it spirals out of control & passengers say goodbye to their families

TERRIFYING footage reveals the inside of a helicopter as it spirals out of control shortly after take-off.

The shocking video was filmed by a passenger inside the aircraft after it began to violently twist from side to side in Colombia on Monday.

Jam Press VidTwo passengers can be seen holding onto each other as the helicopter spirals out of control[/caption]

Jam Press VidPrevious footage captured the moment the chopper plummets towards the ground[/caption]

Jam Press VidThe horror moments from inside the helicopter were captured by one of the four passengers, Francisco Salas, 36[/caption]

Those on board can be seen holding on for dear life while the chopper spins in the air, with the horror ordeal taking place just moments after lift-off.

But while the aircraft was spinning from side-to-side, a deafening silence can be heard as the six people on board remain frozen with fear.

The footage reveals just how fast the helicopter begins to swivel in mid-air, with it difficult to keep up with the ensuing chaos in the clip.

But the chopper eventually crashes into the side of a building, before the video cuts to reveal it in a stationery position just moments later.

Miraculously, all six people on board the Bell 206 helicopter survived the nightmare ordeal.

The horror experience took place in the busy city of Medellín, where the chopper was only meant to be in the air for 12 minutes to take passengers to a fine-dining experience.

But just seconds after take-off, the pilot wildly loses control of the aircraft before it crashes into a restaurant building just a few metres away.

It then plummeted down the side of the building before being caught up on a large communications antenna and left hanging almost upside down in the sky.

In initial video, panicked onlookers filming the ordeal can be heard saying: “It fell, they’ve been killed.”

However, more than 70 rescue workers rushed to the smashed chopper to get the people free and down to safety.

In the new footage, one of the passengers, Texas-based holidaymaker Francisco Salas, 36, can be heard calling the emergency services using a combination of Spanish and English.

He then makes a panicked call to family members as a potential last goodbye and to tell them he loves them.

Salas, who was with his girlfriend Luisa Osorio on the flight, said he thought he was going to die, the Daily Mail reports.

The tourist said: “I had my phone with me, I made a video call to my mom and dad.

“I even said goodbye to my brother, it was a very serious moment.

“I just wanted to say goodbye, say thank you to everyone.”

Osorio told Colombian newspaper Noticias Caracol that they joined the flight to record content for social media networks and did not think she’d survive the crash.

“It started to spin, to spin very quickly and we said, ‘We are going to die here’,” she said.

Osorio recalled how rescuers told “don’t even breathe” as they worked on pulling them out.

Also on the chopper were two women from Costa Rica named Sandy Villalobos Marín, 34, and Karen Rivera Picada, 36, and Colombian national Jaime Andrés Echeverri.

The pilot, Brian Michel Álvarez, 32, escaped with minor injuries and a second video showed him climbing out of the helicopter and holding onto a ladder affixed to the antenna.

Echeverri, the co-pilot, broke his leg.

The Medellín Fire Department used several cranes to remove the helicopter from the site early Tuesday morning.

Local authorities are now investigating if the accident was down to a technical problem with the chopper.

All helicopter flights have since been suspended.

Jam Press VidFrancisco’s footage also showed the pilots just moments after they lost control[/caption]

Jam Press VidThe helicopter eventually crashed and became lodged between a building and a telephone poll[/caption]

Jam Press VidA separate clip reveals the view from the helicopter once it had crashed[/caption]

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