Horror Gaza vid shows ‘huge CRUSH during aid truck looting that left 104 dead’…as Palestinians say Israel ‘opened fire’

Horror Gaza vid shows ‘huge CRUSH during aid truck looting that left 104 dead’…as Palestinians say Israel ‘opened fire’

DOZENS of Palestinian civilians have died after being crushed by humanitarian aid trucks entering northern Gaza, Israel claims.

Israel Defence Forces alleged the killed residents surrounded the trucks and looted supplies before the massive vehicles ran over them.

ReutersFootage shows hundreds of Palestinian civilians rushing towards aid trucks[/caption]

ReutersThe last time aid was sent into Gaza was on January 23[/caption]

AFPA man receiving treatment at Al-Shifa hospital after the tragedy on February 29[/caption]

Gaza health authorities suggested the victims were shot dead by Israeli forces as they waited for an aid delivery on Thursday.

Israeli military forces are investigating the claim.

Previous alleged atrocities in the Israel-Gaza conflict have been difficult to fully verify and initial claims have later been cast into doubt.

It is currently thought that at least 104 people died and more than 280 were wounded in the tragedy near Gaza City.

Chilling black and white aerial footage appeared to show huge numbers of people running toward the convoy of trucks, ostensibly clambering over each other to get to what was inside.

Dozens of wounded people were rushed to the al-Shifa hospital.

The sheer number of patients and the severity of their injuries were said to have left the facility – which is only partially operational – and medical teams overwhelmed.

An Israeli government spokesperson initially said victims died when aid trucks driven by Palestinians ploughed into swarming crowds.

Although, later today, an Israeli military official alleged the victims died in two separate incidents as a convoy of trucks passed into northern Gaza from the south using the main coastal road.

He said the first incident unfolded when aid trucks were surrounded by hundreds of people, and dozens were injured or killed in the confusion, either by being trampled or run over by the trucks.

The second incident was said to have taken place hundreds of yards north of the stampede near the north-south checkpoint crossing.

After the lorries had passed on the coastal road, people “posing a threat” allegedly approached Israeli forces – which then opened fire.

The official told a news briefing: “The soldiers fired warning shots in the air and then fired towards those who posed a threat and did not move away.

“From our perspective, this is what we understand. We’re continuing to review the circumstances.”

He rejected the death toll figures provided by Palestinian authorities, stating: “I don’t have any figures, it was a limited response.”

Gaza’s health ministry has dismissed Israel’s version of events.

Spokesperson Ashraf Al-Qidra said the latest comments by Israeli military indicated that Israel “had pre-plotted intentions to carry out the new crime and massacre” and suggested the death toll could rise.

Hamas, which has run the Gaza Strip since 2007, said the events of today could jeopardise talks in Qatar hoped to secure both a ceasefire and the release of Israeli hostages being held by militants.

The White House is also looking into reports of Israeli fire and described what unfolded today as a “serious incident”.

A White House National Security Council spokesman said: “We mourn the loss of innocent life and recognise the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza, where innocent Palestinians are just trying to feed their families.

“This underscores the importance of expanding and sustaining the flow of humanitarian assistance into Gaza, including through a potential temporary ceasefire.”

Israel launched its operations in Gaza following an attack by the terror group on southern Israel on October 7, when militants killed 1,200 people and took about 250 others hostage.

A month-long pause in fighting has been mooted amid growing fears that only a few dozen hostages may be left to to save.

At least 30 of the remaining 130 hostages have been confirmed dead but many more may have perished in appalling conditions in Hamas’ terror tunnel network.

Israel’s prime minister is demanding “proof-of-life” to gauge numbers of captive survivors.

ReutersThe footage shows how the crowd became a “horror stampede”[/caption]

AFPAt least 104 Palestinian civilians have been killed on February 29[/caption]

AFPSmoke billowing over the Gaza Strip during Israeli bombardment[/caption]

AFPA woman sitting at the incredibly overwhelmed Al-Shifa hospital[/caption]

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