Moment Putin’s state-of-the-art $4m T-90m tank is torn to pieces in Ukrainian blast – sending soldier flying from hatch

Moment Putin’s state-of-the-art $4m T-90m tank is torn to pieces in Ukrainian blast – sending soldier flying from hatch

THIS is the moment one of Putin’s multi-million dollar tanks was completely obliterated by an anti-tank mine.

The dramatic footage was taken during an operation near the Lyman region in October, when a Russian T-90 tank was zeroing in on Ukrainian forces.

twitter/@AncientAlien01Russia’s most advanced tank has been wiped out by a mine[/caption]

twitter/@AncientAlien01Dramatic footage caught the moment it exploded in a huge fireball[/caption]

twitter/@AncientAlien01Smoke billowed into the sky following the explosion[/caption]

A soldier’s head can be seen popping out of the tank as it desperately tries to move through long, arid grass, firing at Ukrainian troops.

The Russian changes the direction of tank, but, splits seconds later, the tank suddenly explodes in a huge fireball.

This is the devastating impact of Ukraine’s anti-tank mines.

The screen is engulfed by a cloud of smoke and fire after the initial impact, as shrapnel flies out of the flames towards the camera.

Within seconds the camera is forced to zoom out – showing just how colossal the clouds of smoke are, while the tank lies in a mangled heap below it.

Putin‘s T-90M tanks are thought to be the country’s most advanced war weapon to date – worth £4m a pop – and before the war, they were regarded as the pride of the Russian military.

It boasts upgraded armour, automatic target tracking, greater accuracy, and the ability to fire missiles as well as shells and machine gun rounds.

Each T-90M carries a crew of three – a commander, gunner and driver – and can travel up to 60km/h on roads with a range of 550km.

It is protected with Relikt explosive reactive armour, which is supposed to protect it against tandem warheads and armour-piercing sabot rounds.

If targeted by a laser beam, it can also discharge smoke grenades, to reduce the chances of being struck by anti-tank semi-automatic guided weapons.

Yet, for all of the tank’s state-of-the-art weaponry and armour it was no match for the Ukrainian side.

Before the war, Russia was said to have 100 of the tanks – but at least two have been destroyed now.

Back in 2022, Ukraine’s Defence Ministry released footage of the burned-out husk of the same tank, with a large hole through the vehicle’s tracks, and bent armour plating.

It suggests the rocket smashed through the tank’s wheels, evading its advanced armour and defence systems, exploding inside the engine compartment and detonating ammunition along the way.

At the time, Ukraine claimed the tank was destroyed by a Swedish-made Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle rocket launcher which costs a relatively modest £18,500, including the rocket.

In a tweet, Ukraine’s MoD said: “The pride of the Russian tank industry was destroyed by the Swedish hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher Carl Gustaf.

“We thank the Swedish people and the King for their help.”

Dramatic footage of an attack near Avdiivka has also been circulating on social media.

The shock footage captured the moment another of Putin’s multi-million T-80BVM tanks was torn apart in a fiery mess.

While footage of an attack near Bakhmut, when an Ukrainian kamikaze drone wiped out a T-72 tank, has also been released.

The lethal FPV can be seen closing in on a $500k tank that had been firing at Ukrainian soldiers, meeting it with an impressive speed and slamming straight into it.

Putin is also estimated to have lost almost $1 billion after Ukraine shot down an 11th Russian fighter jet today, February 29.

Ukraine’s Air Force claimed today that an Su-34 fighter-bomber was struck in the “eastern direction” of the front.

They wrote on Telegram: “Today, February 29, is a date that occurs once every four years, but it is already a familiar day for Russians with the loss of another plane.

“Minus Su-34 in the Eastern direction! Thanks for the work!”

AlamyEach T-90 is worth around $4 mil[/caption]

twitter/@AncientAlien01Footage captured the mighty tank lying in a mangled heap[/caption]

twitter/@AncientAlien01The rapidity of the explosion suggests it was caused by a mine[/caption]

twitter/@AncientAlien01Shrapnel and other pieces flew at the camera after the explosion[/caption]

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