Ukraine shoots down 11th Russian plane in two weeks blasting Putin jet out of sky as they’ve cost Vlad nearly $1BILLION

Ukraine shoots down 11th Russian plane in two weeks blasting Putin jet out of sky as they’ve cost Vlad nearly $1BILLION

UKRAINE has reportedly downed another Russian fighter jet – the third in just three days.

The Air Force of Ukraine‘s Armed Forces claimed today that an Su-34 fighter-bomber was struck in the “eastern direction” of the front.

East2WestA Russian Su-34 bomber was reportedly downed in the ‘eastern direction’[/caption]

Ukraine’s air force announced the hit on Telegram

The air force wrote on Telegram: “Today, February 29, is a date that occurs once every four years, but it is already a familiar day for Russians with the loss of another plane.

“Minus Su-34 in the Eastern direction! Thanks for the work!”

Yesterday, Ukraine’s air force claimed to have destroyed two of the Russian jets in a single day.

The alleged attack comes during a hellish time for Vladimir Putin, who before today had already lost $870million (£687million) worth of Russian war planes in just 10 days.

It brings the total number of Russian planes shot out of the sky by Ukrainian armed forces to 11 in just two weeks.

Ukraine downed a Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber on the eastern front on Tuesday, with another shot out of the sky that same afternoon.

Each Su-34 blitzed is estimated to be worth about $50million (£39million), meaning Putin has now lost some $920million (£727million) worth of war planes in a matter of days.

The feared aircrafts are the Russian air force’s top strike planes and their continued destruction marks a devastating setback for Putin.

Before Tuesday, another eight war planes were obliterated by Ukraine in just over a week following a number of successful strikes.

Six of the planes struck were Russia‘s beloved Su-34s, and the other two were Sukhoi Su-35s with a combined value of $170million (£134million).

The supersonic Su-35s are air-superiority fighters designed to escort the missile-launching Su-34s and defend them from attackers.

Su-35s blast through the air at speeds of 2,400km per hour and have a 30mm cannon which can fire an incredible 1,800 rounds per minute.

Putin suffered another devastating blow last week when Ukraine allegedly shot down one of his spy planes worth nearly £300million.

Footage showed the Russian A-50 “Mainstay” plane being blasted in the sky and erupting in a fireball.

Russia originally claimed its destruction was the result of friendly fire, but Ukraine later claimed it struck the plane with a revamped S-200 Soviet-era missile.

The right wing was blown off the reconnaissance aircraft, sending it into a death spiral over the Sea of Azov.

Ten crew members were reportedly found dead at the crash site in Russia’s Krasnodar region – the same region where Putin’s official Black Sea residence and private £1billion place are located.

On February 18, dramatic video showed a Russian war plane plunge from the sky then explode into pieces.

Ukrainian sources claimed another Su-34 crashed near the village of Dyakove in the Luhansk region of Ukraine, downed by Ukrainian armed forces.

A large cloud of thick, black smoke was all that could be seen after the blast.

TelegramWreckage falls from the sky on Tuesday after two Russian planes were downed[/caption]

East2WestTwo Russian Su-35s were also downed recently[/caption]

APA Russian A-50 comes at a cost to Putin of $300million (£236million)[/caption]

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